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  1. really sweet pics dragon lady...i like geckos nice and small ive joined up with reptilekeeper.co.uk it seems pretty good so far :wink:
  2. thanks will have a browse at the forums later :wink: one of ours is a citrus/pastel lime x sandfire lol and the other is a sandfire itchy and scratchy itchy is getting massive and loves live food but scratchy dosent seem to like live food just eats veg and odd waxworm thought they turned veggie more when older but it aint keen...i love the water dragons did look into them but seemed a lot harder to keep sorting the humidity etc out so went with easier.. there poop stinks :shock:
  3. does anyone keep bearded dragons or any other lizards? just being nosy really i got my 1st lizard set up 6 weeks ago and just wanted to know if anyone on here has? and any lizard forums they visit
  4. lol mum to a human baby hehe maya is gorgeous all the best tc x
  5. you will always be here steve in more ways than one :wink: take care xx
  6. sorry to hear sue sending hugs your way xx sorry to be a pain and ask but what happened?
  7. i know this is late and you might not get on to read it steve but thinking of you loads.. live each day tilll the max as you proberly are ya wild one :wink: ill never forget your crazy chat room you had some good laughs there hard to say the right thing but all i can say is your a good man and see you there one day xxxxxx
  8. i did i got rock band and had a bbq so was a good laugh suffering today tho lol..and you should of been sitting watching vinnie doing the garden
  9. well i need to go back to school lol i got 10135 hehhehe
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