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  1. Still alive & kicking Colin!....still breeding the usual birds, sadly I have very little time to go on the pc since going self employed (again) my website went off line due to my kind host vanishing!....should be up & running again in the near future. I am aware of the bird in question and have seen a pic of it, very nice indeed.
  2. Belated thank you....only just noticed :oops:
  3. Thanks Leslie....will try that :wink:
  4. Any one been in touch lately ?.....website is down , emails bounce back & telephone not answered ! http://www.mds.uk.ne
  5. As we are coming into summer try offering flowers from your garden....best ones for pollen & nectar are " Red Hot Polkers" & Allisum
  6. Tell me about it !.....I've just had 2 of the 7 "cock" Ruppell's I bred re sexed prior to them going to " you know were Kris" ....guess what, 1 of the ***** is now a HEN :roll: :shock: :roll: :shock: :roll:
  7. gary


    I'll second that :wink: ....good luck Della
  8. Its my experience with Sennies that 29/30 days incubation is nearer the mark.....Good luck Dave.
  9. gary


    We recommend http://www.mds.uk.net/site/default.asp
  10. Great news Mark, my breeding pr ate large amounts of mealworms ( live) plus insectivourous food normally given to softbills.....I have another pr of Ruppell's just laid 5 eggs they are not keen on the live food in fact they seem quite nervous to go near them but will eat small amounts of insectiverous.....interestingly there eggs were all clear. Good luck with your & thanks for the photos you sent me.
  11. In need of help getting a bird from near Ghent,Belgium then mine back........Any one know people coming to Stafford show 7th March from Belgium?
  12. Talking to the most successful breeder of Red Bellied Parrots here in the UK and possibly the world.....he told me in the early days breeding these birds it wasn't unusual to lose most of the clutch and he would remove the dead chicks and took the remaining chick(s) to be hand reared. When this problem never improved he refused to hand rear any more and left the dead chicks in the nest allowed the parents to grieve and has never looked back & has now parent reared over 250 Red Bellied.
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