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  1. look in scrap book or here http://www.shadeseclectus.com/scrapbook.htm
  2. try this site and look at the baby pics, there is one of a baby male with full orange beak (well thats how it looks in the pic) and the site is full of ideas, sorry i'm not much help :oops: http://www.shadeseclectus.com/
  3. i've just had a look at your pics, was his bottom part all black when you first got him? Is it just taking longer for the edge to turned black?
  4. dont think its suppose to be any other colour than black for the bottom part of the beak, my adult males beak is totally black
  5. tak


    I'm sorry you feel the need to sell your bird but please dont, I had the same thing with my grey when she (dna sexed) turned 7 months, she would attack me out of the blue but i didnt give up, it was hard work and lots of bites and nips later but we do get on now, i dont get to tickle her like i once did but i can move her, and feed her, she sits on my knee, i would try to follow the advice already posted and see what happens, i hope things work out well for you all.
  6. thanks for that guys, i'll have a look about and see what i can find
  7. hi elle, can i ask where you got the sugar cane, i've never heard of anyone giving this to parrots before so i'd be interested to see if my lot like it.
  8. i have the second one http://www.airsterilisers.co.uk/products.php p80 it is totally silent and does a good job, i wasnt convinced at first until the sun came through the window and normally i can see the dust in the air but not with this little gadget
  9. awww what a cutie you got there elle a fave for my ekkies, corn on the cob, just hang it in the cage and step back lol
  10. i live about 40 mins away from you and have offered to take the lil guy in i have a cag and ekkie but i would put your lil guy in a different room of the house, yes i have a dog and cat but they are never allowed in the bird rooms, if i cant help i have a friend who lives two doors away whos have had this bird before i think he did a bit of breeding years ago, he would look after your guy for you
  11. :cry: sorry ya birdy isnt well cyber hugs to you both
  12. i once got a toy for my grey that had little sea shells for toys attached to it so i thought it was ok to feed shell fish too....but not sure
  13. nope its not the same lock as the cage i've seen sorry
  14. My CAG says lots of things and whistles lots of tunes, her word for this week is (after being very loud) telling herself to Shhhhhh My ekkie has to be in another room before he says anything, and then he swears his head off (not me i got him as an adult)
  15. agree with mmm the word "gift" makes all the difference
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