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  1. Hi all. Just got info from my hubby that a parrot (don't know what breed as the description is not brilliant) has flown in to a train maintenance depot in Northam, near Southampton. He/she arrived the week before Christmas and despite efforts by the Southampton Parrot Rescue people, they have been unable to trace an owner or catch him/her. The parrot is being fed but seems to be enjoying themselves too much to come down from the roof. If anyone knows who this cheeky chap belongs to, then contact the Southampton Parrot Rescue people (sorry don't know the number).
  2. Hi Kris, so sorry that things are not going well. Sometimes friends and family just do not get it, do they. :cry: Apologies for yesterday, btw. My mobile must have dialled your number, and then when you rang back I was in a meeting with Tom's docs so could not answer. Meant to email you last night, but just did not get a chance. I will try and ring next week, though if you would prefer not, then that is fine as things must be very difficult at the moment. Wish I could offer some constructive help, but best I can do is send you all my best wishes and a shoulder if you need it. Love to all.
  3. Kris, I cannot say any better what has already been said, but you know I am thinking of you and praying for Rosie at this time. I just wish I could take away some of the pain you must be feeling right now, especially as everything seems to be going against you at the moment. Knowing Rosie, she is as much a fighter as her Mum :wink: I am always on the end of the phone if you just want to let off some steam. Sending love and hugs to you all. XXXX
  4. Really sorry to hear that Rosie's results were not good. I am keeping everything crossed for you guys, and it is comforting she is in such safe hands. Thinking about you at this difficult time.
  5. Thanks for that Showgirl Guess it is the best thing for us to do. He is a lovely wee chap, full of character and I did not want to wipe that out completely. However, Meg is a bit long in the tooth for his advances and she gets irritated and snappy, so for her sake, we will get him booked in. BTW, do you think £150 is expensive then, if your practice charges £85? Apparently it goes on weight, and he only comes in at about 9 or 10 lbs.
  6. Westie question for you SG. Our four yr old Westie has recently started trying to get "jiggy" with our 11 yr old spaniel, much to her disgust :oops: He also has a habit of cocking his leg and marking everywhere round the house, or if we take him to someone else's house. My question is, should we have him castrated? At his last check up, the vet said we should have him done because of the risk of testicular cancer etc, which I must say, I had never been told in the past. We have been quoted £150 to have him done and I do not mind spending the money but don't want to if there is no need or some other way of stopping his little urges Any advice will be most welcome.
  7. Fingers crossed for Rosie. She is such a sweetie. Lots of good vibes coming your way.
  8. I'm so sorry to hear your sad news, Kris :cry: Georgie is flying free now after being with loving companions. Hope you and Buddy will be OK. Sending many hugs and prayers your way. Take care of yourselves. Luv, Gail.
  9. Yep, I am having the same with Freddie at the moment. Just over the last couple of days really, but he is being very nippy. I have been firm with him and hopefully, it will calm down again. I know he did this when he was about a year old, and now he is coming up to 2 yrs I am guessing it is more of the same. Bless him
  10. What a lovely result. Well done to everyone for making two little birds so happy
  11. Ears done twice, and had my belly button done, but let it heal up. Would like my nose done but hubby really not keen so will probably opt for another tattoo.
  12. I have three. One on my right shoulder which is a celtic design, one on my left hip which is a love heart with John (hubby) written across it, and one across my lower back, which is my four kids names, entwined around flowers and little blue birds. Want more, but not sure what. Would love a Lord of the Rings sort of thing, maybe something in elvish. Any suggestions? Not got any photos I am afraid, and I loved your's Harry's Mummy Not sure I want to display My big, fat a*** on here. Might put you all off me :oops:
  13. Well done to all concerned.
  14. So glad she is home and safe, Freddie. Hope everything works out and sending {{{{{{{cyber hugs}}}}}}} to you and your family.
  15. Kris, you are a star It is wonderful and heartrending at the same time really. This poor little lost soul has found a great new home and is getting all the love and attention he deserves. Well done to you and Paul. As you say, maybe in time he will not be scared when more than person is near him. You can only imagine what has made him so frightened. Looking forward to seeing you and all your guys again soon.
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