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  1. my horace does this he enjoys his beak gently rubbed and will sit for ages like this beverley
  2. hi there i have had my conure horace for 3 years handreared him from an egg , he loves me and all the family BUT will not tolerate anyone near me when he is around he will activley chase my son who he has known all his life away from any thing he thinks belongs to him. all conures are nippy especially around breeding time , as for attacking the toys agressively all of them do that they play rough and make the strangest noises, horace plays boo and laughs like we do it sound really strange . horace loves to hide in shoes and boxes he will bite hard if you try and remove them good luck wih your bird they are excellent charaters beverley
  3. hi all just a strange question horace has very few feathers on his chest , back tops of his legs, he has removed them but i have not found them in his cage. believe me there are if i am lucky 2 feathers downy ones in his cage they have been there for a few days but he has lost more he has new ones growing but they dissappear before they fully come out of the sheath, i have found some all chewed and rolled into tiny ball like parcels these sometimes still have the sheath on . he has not touched any other feathers only his chest, back near his wings and tops of his legs( drumsticks) sorry lol. some of his feathers are not growing back he is totally bald no sign of feathers this is near the base of his tail this is were his leg was taped when he broke it so it could be the feathers roots were pulled out when he was a baby? sorry such a long one but he has me baffelled beverley
  4. horace has finished at the vets now, all the mite treatment is done , his feathers are comming back , but hopefully he will leave them alone. he has started to bathe again not everyday like he used to but we are getting there. we have held off on his friend until we know what is wrong, the vet did say he is also treating a too that is mutilating its self badly, it is wearing a collar constantly now to prevent it. will keep you informed beverley
  5. hi all been a few days now and horace has been ok, he has new food loves it espcially the curly bits(from dd) he has a new cage arrangement different set up now so he has to work more than before. we have found not many shredded feathers and all the new ones are doing fine fingers crossed he sees the vet on tuesday . we having blood test this time just to check everything ok physically with himif that all comes back ok then it must be mental stress with me leving him will keep you informed thanks beverley
  6. i had ring necks they all lived together in an avairy with conures and quail. i had a blue, grey and green i got these due to people having them as pets and then relising they dont do well in cages alone beverley ps, mine bred green & blue but the eggs were on a concrete floor so never hatched. pics in photobucket
  7. hi all can anyone help me i need someone who regullary travels to the island who could possibly bring me food for horace from david. i will only need it about once a month or so . have bought some and the delivery charge is £20 extra just for being here any help would be gratefully accepted beverley
  8. hi folks, just an update only a couple of downy feathers today , horace is happily munching on his millet spray. he has removed all the fresh fruit out of his dish and scattered it around the cage. i have stuffed his perch with sweetcorn , its 1 of them pollen perches with holes in , have removed his mirror and put in a his ring perch see how he goes today beverley
  9. you can get water based gloss instead of oil based, better aswell easier to clean brushes . i use it were mine are always have . still remove them from the same room but they stay in the house with windows open for a few hours beverley
  10. just to let you know horace hasnt pulled anymore feathers out today and he has been alone since 8 .30 till 4pm he still isnt bathing so a daily spray is the latest commotion we are having as he dont like it he lookst was just a hick-up very bedraggelled (sp) and raggy at the moment . hopefully it was just a hick-up and he will be ok beverley
  11. we have given him a small amount of fresh fruit & veg , cress, seed , millet, pine cones, coconut and carrot mixed in a log he has been happier today, he has not plucked anymore feathers and his new ones arent bleeding like they were. we hve taken all his toys out and only given him some back 1 or 2 . his cage is totally all changed , he has a mirror and some new perches . we are changing them tomorrow swapping them around again. he had dog chews last year when i gave him and jj them, he wasnt interested we have beeen spraying him daily as he isnt bathing fingers crossed he will be fine beverley
  12. hi all dont know how you do it i am devastated horace is probably plucking his feathers, he has stopped bathing so now i have to spray him daily which he hates, i have just read a story on the dairy page, she changed the birds water to bottled , horace has always had tap water but even i wont drink it since we moved , so i will change him to bottled tomorrow and see what happens. have added some pics of horace taken today beverley
  13. i have added pics of horace taken today' anyone got any ideas all will be accepted i cannot sit and watch him do this to himself beverley
  14. hi all just to let you know vet has treated horace for mites this the first of a few attempts to see what is wrong with him . we have to go back next two weeks for more treatment, he just spread the liquid on his feathers. if the treatment doesnt work he is going to do blood tests. he has said to hold off on baby.because if horace is plucking he will teach baby to do the same . i have spent all day with him today for the first time in what seems forever, he is constantly pulling and preening his feathers , what he has left, he has started to pull at his tail feathers today i have scrubbed his cage and all his toys, we have taken some out and changed them around i have made it more harder for him to access all his treats he has to climb and work for them now. i dont know how all of you who have birds that pluck can watch them destroy their feathers and hurt themselves i have been in tears several times today because i know it is my fault beverely
  15. hi all have booked horace in with vet tomorrow for check up just incase anything phyisically wrong with him, have ordered lots of food off david for him as we cannot get hold of a good mix here lots of sunflower seeds. have had a look at him and he is covered in blood feathers were he has no feathers and he has been chewing them some have been bleeding. have sprayed him tonite as he has stopped having a bath dont know why. wont get baby until i know horace is ok, when he had his leg mended 3 yrs ago they put a sticky bandage on him , his feathers have never been the same were it covered him, this is now totally bare and it looks like a scar sort of thing if you know what i mean, all red and raw looking, not open wound though. really upset when i had a good look at him last night and saw how bald he is , but confused as he is covered in pin and blood feathers. will keep you informed on his progress thanks beverley
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