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  1. Steve i have never met any of the people on here and yet from the first i always thought i was part of a big family and after reading this thread i know now i was right, i to like many of the others have been in tears, in my case from the first post onwards, i havnt the words i would really like to say, but suffice to say i will never forget the name Abez or the humanity you bought to this site and me. Take care old friend, Malcolm (malky)
  2. Many happy returns of the day even if you are a pool lady, by the way seen your recent photo and all i can say is WOW you are gorgeous. :oops: Malky
  3. Thats fine David we can loan him out to you and let someone else captain our reserves. :twisted: :twisted: Malky
  4. A tad over the top, Rick Parry asked to resign (chief exec) was hoping gerrard was being transfered to West Brom. Malky
  5. 4-pm announcement from Anfield to shake there supporters to the core as said on sky sports news. Malky
  6. Lam yes i have it. Colin, no nothing MMM i will post my message here and if one of you whizz kids can put it in the correct place for me and/or answer i would be most grateful Malky
  7. All ive had is a topic notification was that yours. Malky
  8. Hello MMM sorry to hear about your probs, yes i sent an pm to both yourself and Lam, i believe neither have got through, what i did was click on your name then on pm and sent it to you both. Malky
  9. Lam im beginning to think im not getting through, have you recieved my pm if you havnt it also means mmm has not recieved one either. Malky
  10. Thank you LAM, the first thread i read last night was the one about Abez, read the first page and was to upset to read any more and now MMM, I certainly pick my moments, LAM would it be possible to send the PM to you as it is important to me. thanks Malky
  11. As i only appear on here now and again i may have missed something important, but i sent a PM to mmm and i havent seen her on here, as my title whats happened to mmm. Malky
  12. Stephie if you buy some MAW seed get your hands slightly damp put your hands in the seed then the seed that sticks to your hand just brush off where you want them to grow and if you are lucky you will grow a beautiful Blue Poppy, an additional tip get some horse manure dig it in first and they grow even better. (MAW seed is a small bird seed can be bought at seed shops) Malky
  13. ToastieJo at last an oo person, earl grey, and yorkshire, rubbish, give me an oo any time,as for coffee, thats for people who havnt learnt to drink a civilised cuppa. Malky.
  14. Brilliant loved em god bless our boys and girls. Malky
  15. Thank you every body i dont feel a bit like 66 more like 86 lol. The song Happy Birthday was sold for $47million what did they sing before it was wrote.
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