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  1. Hello everyone, I'm Wendy. I was always on the forum up till 4 years ago when I had to rehome my Grey, Nelly, due to my son suffering severe breathing problems as he went through chemo. He's 4years in remission now, so almost ready to be called cancer free. I am now able to have another parrot as my son has left home, so, on Wednesday I am adopting Dennis, a 20 year old grey. That means I'm going to be back on here all the time so hope to talk to people new and old about our feathered family's xx
  2. south_coast_crazy

    Fiona's story - made me cry...

    Bless her heart. When her little tail started wagging it was adorable. She is a very lucky little girl who deserves to remain happy for the rest of her life :)
  3. south_coast_crazy

    Guess what Ive done...........................again

    My husband says Clumsy Nit (although not quite so polite) lol Get my full cast put on tomorrow which will be more comfortable, It really is not that painful, just aches non stop.
  4. south_coast_crazy

    I'm on holiday...

  5. Hello everyone, have not been around much since Nelly left but I do look at whats going on and wish I still had a parrot of my own Well, I have broken my ankle again. Some of you may remember I did it less than 3 years ago. The day before Good Friday, I stepped off the bus and my ankle gave way. It hurt but I was able to get up and get on the next bus and go home. All over Easter I was limping but apart from my ankle and foot getting swollen and bruised it really was not that bad. I even walked to Tesco which is about a 20 min walk!! I went to work on Tuesday but when I got home my foot was like a balloon. My husband and sons kept telling me I needed to go to the hospital but I was convinced it was just a sprain. I went into work again on Wednesday and my boss told me he was taking me to the hospital and no arguments I had it xrayed and I have a fractured fibula. I have been put into a back slab (temp plaster cast) and will go back to the fracture clinic on Wednesay to have the full cast put on. I was pretty gobsmacked to find out it was broken because I had been walking on it but now im off work for 6 weeks or so while it mends. It aches but its not as painful as you would think. Oh well, it will give me some time to spend with the budgies and the 2 kittens so its not all bad
  6. south_coast_crazy

    Bye old boy

    On Tuesday we had to let our old boy Mogs go because his kidneys were failing and he had become so poorly. We shared almost 13 wonderful years with him. He was a gentle giant who did not have a bad bone in his body. None of us will ever forget you, you really were a one off.
  7. When I get him/her I willl post a pic. Its a beautiful bird and so was so happy when I said hello and gave it a tickle on the head. Caron, I saw the pics of Nelly meeting yours. She sounds like she had a great time. I am really amazed how easily she settled with Sharon. A friend of mine recently said I must be really upset that she is so happy!!!!! I would have been devastated if she was unhappy. Of course I wish she was still living with me but that cant be so knowing she has a fantastic new home where she is as spoilt now as she was here is all I could ask for.
  8. When Nelly went to her new home I was so miserable without a bird in the house that I bought a little blue budgie called Mike. I soon realised he was very lonely because he had been in an aviary with about 30 cage mates so I got a beautiful grey baby budgie as a friend and they have been best mates from day one. Yesterday I got a new kitten and my neighbours son said he would give me a lift to pick him up. On the way he had to call in and see a mate so i was invited in for a cuppa. In the kitchen was a tiny cage with two beautiful budgies. One was a green/yellow male and the other was a big (think its a show bird) pale blue but I could not see the cere well enough to sex it. The cage was filthy with with no toys and the food was a bowl of seed husks and a bowl of water that had gone green because it was so dirty. I went mad and told the owner how angry i was. I cleaned the bowls with boiling water and filled them with fresh food and water and both birds dived straight in to eat and drink. I cleaned the cage and gave them both some Millet i had in my bag. I told the owner if he didnt want them I would take them but he said no, he loved them too much!!!!!! Today I received a call asking if I wanted the blue one. He is not so attached to it because it flew in through the kitchen window 3 months ago so he has never classed it as his anyway. Its very tame so somebody must have been heartbroken to lose him. I am now going to have 3 budgies. I wish it could be 4 because i feel so sorry for the life that little green/yellow one will have when his friend has gone. I am collecting him tomorrow so i will take some toys, a mirror, decent seed and a container with some fresh fruit and veg so that at least for a little while he will have something decent to eat and something to play with. I also intend to keep on pestering till he lets me have the remaining one!! Why do people get pets if they cant be bothered to give them even the basics of decent food and clean water. our other two Bugies are called Mike and Mash so we called the new one Merry to follow the "M" theme!!
  9. south_coast_crazy

    This is Mke, our new Budgie

    http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y265/south_coast_crazy/mike001.jpg This is Mike the Budgie that came to live with us after Nelly had to go to her new home. For someone so small he can certainly make a lot of noise and I love that because not having a parrot in the house anymore is awful.
  10. south_coast_crazy

    Nelly is really happy in her new home

    Nelly has been in her new home just over 2 weeks now and even though I miss her so much, she is still making me laugh via the messages I receive from her new mum. Apparently she puts all the dogs in their place all the time. She has wandered (as she cant fly) into the living room and chewed speaker and lamp wires (luckily nothing was plugged in) and has taken a chunk out of the dining table. Sharon, her new owner, is now starting to realise what I meant when I said its like having a naughty 2 year old in your home
  11. south_coast_crazy

    Nelly has gone to her new home

    Yes David Nelly was Nelson. She has certainly changed since she first came to us. Sharon, her new owner, tells me she is putting the dogs in ther place already, has chewed speaker and lamp wires and taken a chunk out of the dining table !!! and this is only just over 2 weeks into becoming a parrot owner
  12. south_coast_crazy

    Nelly has gone to her new home

    I have messaged Sharon again to day and any fears I may have had are all gone now. Nelly is happy and settled which is all I wanted. We got our budgie today. He is a deep blue and so so tiny after Nelly. He is called Mike because my husband said he is a micro parrot and Mike is short for micro!! It has stuck so Mike is now settling in. He is about 3 months old and I hope that with patience I can hand tame him. I have a bit of experience in that field so I will give it a go
  13. south_coast_crazy

    Nelly has gone to her new home

    I had to find a new home for my darling Nelly because my son has been having quite bad problems with his breathing after having Chemo. On Wednesday she moved to Yorkshire to live with Sharon and her family. I was so worried that she would be scared and I would not be there to give her a cuddle but I had no reason to worry at all. She is as happy as larry, is eating, allowing Sharon to tickle her and has even been on her shoulder. Apparently she is not that bothered by the dogs although when she has had enough of Marley (a youg lab) she certainly lets him know!! I am so proud of her. When she came to live with us she was a nervous wreck and took years properly calm down but now she is confident and learning to enjoy her new life. I have to say a huge thank you to Caron from the forum telling me about Sharon who is her friend. I am now laughing when I hear what she is doing rather than crying and I know she is happy which is all I wanted. This is the first time there has not been a bird in the family for years and I dont like it, so tomorrow we are going to buy a little budgie. Paul has been staying with a friend who has one and had no problems at all so we know its ok and it means I will have a little parrot to look after. I will post a pic and let you all know about him when he is settled in.
  14. south_coast_crazy

    My sons cancer scan results are back

    I do hope so Debs. Nelly is my baby and I now we have sorted out the problems we had with the neighours that we had we thought everything was ok but Paul sometimes gets so out of breath he cant be in the same room as her and as we only live in a small flat its not easy for him.
  15. On Thursday Paul got his scan results and they are very good. All the original cancer has gone but they have found a small lesion on one of his lungs that might still be a problem. They will need to keep a watch on him every 4 weeks for at least a year to see if it changes but the good news is it can be sucessfully treated if it needs to be. The other thing we have been told is that Nelly, our grey is affecting his breathing because of the dander so she needs to be rehomed, which I dont want to do but his health must come first. I will be posting a rehoming ad so if anybody is interested please have a look.