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  1. Use MDS on all my birds for years ,No problem at all . I get my results within ten to fourteen days.
  2. Hi, You have a couple of very HAPPY!!! little greencheeks there. Keep up the good work . Alan
  3. Hi Ann Alan here, Just to answer your question if they are split as you say "both are split for blue" well you can expect the following---- ***** = normals split for blue OR just normals OR blues. Hens=same as ***** But if the cock is split for Yellowside you can expect the following---- ***** = normals split for blue OR just normals OR blues OR normals split for blue & yellowside OR normals split for yellowside OR blues split for yellowside. Hens = yellowsidew split for blue OR yellowside OR blue split for yellowside OR normal split for blue OR normals OR blues. So if you see any Yellowsides then they must be hens and your cock must be split for yellowside. Hope this helps Alan
  4. We are so sorry Jem to hear your sad news. I will send you a email as soon as I can. Alan & Debbie
  5. With my Greencheeks I try each morning from day ten untill I can get it on and it wont pull off easily. In my view you will be lucky to get them on now. Alan
  6. Hi Jem, HOW TIME FLY’S BY!! Two years! It does not seam that long ago I was getting lost in Liverpool when delivering Max. As Gary said we both could not wish for a better owner, you are a credit to your little birds. I am sure one day you will come home to eggs in the snuggle hut!! Just imagine lots of little maxi-lu's all over the place! Keep up the good work. Alan
  8. Gt to hear it jem, Hope all go's well on Tuesday. Alan
  9. Hi Jem , Forgot to ask hows me lad? Alan
  10. Hi Jem, both their weights are fine don’t forget they are still both quite young and are both out flying around most of the day. Don’t worry they are just right. Alan
  11. Hi James, They always doing it and a lot of mine sleep on thier backs to!! some times in a morning it makes my hart miss a beat :?
  12. Hi, James . I use the San Diego gages you are looking at they are perfect for the little greencheeks. There are tow sizes I have both and they both work great. I got mine from Select cages Good luck Alan
  13. Hi Jem , Whats been happening to max ? you did the right Thing by him and lulu they are very lucky to have owners like you two WELL DONE!, Hope all go's well from here on in but if you need me you know where I am , Alan
  14. I tried the "small" size and I found they could get out but I its up to you if you want to chance it. Alan
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