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  1. well the blue headed had another egg on sunday and procceded to eat it so put a false egg in with them in the hope that it would stop them from doing it again so i have been watching them with the nest box cam and for the last 30 mins the male has been mating in the nest box with the female so maybe another egg on the way regards alan
  2. well the egg i took from the blue fronts is fertile just checked it with the egg buddy and heart beat is strong so hopefully the other 2 they are sat on will be as well dont know whether to try and slip the egg back in with the others regards alan
  3. very frustrating david i was watching my blue fronts with nest box cam and they had one egg last thursday then on monday it looked like they were trying to break it so took it from them and put it in the incubator what did they do then laid another egg the next day so hopefully they dont try and break that one will check it out with the egg buddy the weekend the blue headed are back in and out of the nest box again but dont expect anything for a month regards alan
  4. well hope you have better luck than me just checked the blue headed and the hen came off her 4 eggs so got the egg buddy out and it indicated no life in the eggs so broke them open 2 had fully formed chicks but dead in shell 1 was half formed and dead and the 4th one was clear regards alan
  5. hi david i have a pair of blue headed on 2 eggs at the moment the first egg laid on the 5th april hopefully all will go well and good luck with yours regards alan
  6. well all i can say is sorry what a let down the guy brings out 2 grey birds and says they are black i know i am colourblind i think that guy was just blind all i can say is sorry to all waiting for pics regards alan
  7. ok as soon as i have them i will post some pics of them regards alan
  8. ok then next question if they are charcoal or black then how much are the babies worth in todays market i know how much the big birds are worth but no idea on parakeets regards alan
  9. hi first post and would like to know if you can get black cockatiels as i have been offered 2 now when i was told they were black i said yes and i am supposed to be picking them up on thursday has any other member heard or seen of black cockatiels regards alan
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