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  1. ages ago there was a post on here about a great website to get parts to make parrot toys from e.g blocks of coloured wood, rope, leather, bells etc... all parrot safe. Does any one have any idea where this might have been?? I can't find anything like that any where on the internet, or I'm just being blonde one or the other!
  2. towel is a good idea! lol thanks for the advice on clipping, thats why I asked, wasnt sure about it, none of our others are clipped and I personally prefer them not to be clipped. It was just an idea to see if it would help, if not thats fine, we will perservere! lol Bit of a breakthrough, now lets the lodger stroke his head through the cage and doesnt bite, but still goes for my hubby, and we've discovered he can do an amazing kookaburra impression!! dont know where hes got that from! are LSC's usually good talkers, our other one is as quiet as a mouse, this one never shuts up and has a huge range of noises!
  3. We've only had him a couple of days so aren't pushing him and just letting him settle in. He doesnt seem to understand step up, but as you say he may be just playing dumb! He has come and sat on me a couple of times and hasnt bitten me but wont stay for cuddles. He only seems to like cuddles when sat on his cage, but will lean on me etc... think we just need to keep doing what we are and hope he settles. Someone suggested clipping him if he keeps doing it, simply to remove the dominance and ability to bully, not sure. I had to do this with my sennie ages ago, and it did work ,not sure about toos tho.
  4. He's a lesser sulphur crested cockatoo, about 5 years old, I was wondering if it was a hormonal issue, but not sure at what age LSC's hit sexual maturity. He has been sat on the top of his cage this afternoon and has now stopped divebombing my husband if he is sat down, and now only does it if he walks near the cage. He seems a bit disappointed that the guys arent running away and cowering in fear lol, bless him he's a sweet thing really.
  5. Hey guys, We have aquired a rescue cockatoo, has had several homes and previous keepers couldnt let him out as he divebombed them and bit them on the head and back of neck. He is great with me, wont step up or anything but will come for tickles and cuddles and makes no attempt to bite me. He does however attack my husband and our lodger (both male) he will divebomb them from accross the room and bite them. We are tackling it by them just ignoring him when he does it and not letting him land on them, it does seem to be working as his previous owners would get chased, whereas the two guys here are just ignoring him. Is this the best way to tackle this or is there anything else we can try, he's a lovely boy and a cracking talker and has had a fairly rough time. We are all happy to perservere with him but just want some advice as to the best course of action.
  6. Hi Roz, That's the same kind of thoughts I had too, and I know from experience if we're meant to have another parrot one will come along at the right time. Hope you and your gang are fine, Thanks for the advice Lib and Emmy x
  7. Hi guys, sad subject here, my wonderful little rescue parrot Stoney passed away yesterday morning, the vet thinks he had a stroke or fit. He was really unco-ordinated and verysick. We crop tubed him with electro light and glucose but unfortunately he didnt make it to the vets. the problem I have now is that his companion Emmett is really depressed, he seems to know what has happened but is really down. He has got really clingy with me and is just looking really depressed. He's still eating etc.. but I'm worried about him being on his own. We work from home but are usually quite busy outside during the day so I don't have the time to spend with him, this is why I had two, they used to play together and preen each other, even feed each other. I'm making an effort to spend more time with him (he's sat with me know) but I'm worried about him being on his own. Do you think I should get another companion for him? Or would it cause more problems, he's a very friendly parrot and will make friends with any other parrot. Mad Mud Mob knows him as I got him from her originally. I don't know what to do? Help! Lib and Emmett x
  8. Some very sad news, yesterday morning I went in to the office to give Emmett and Stoney their breakfast as usual, Emmy was his usual self and climbed on me. I put their bowl in and he was straight there stuffing his face. Stoney however was still sleeping in the corner which was odd, I put me hand in and was shocked when he let me pick him up. Stoney was a rescue and has never been hand tame. I was immediately worried and was more alarmed when he started to sway and collapsed in my hand. We rang he vets straight away, it's quite a distnce to the vets so we crop tubed him (my partner is very experience with all kinds of birds) with electrolight and glucose. Unfortunately he didnt make it to the vets and we lost him. The vet thinks he had a fit or a stroke. Poor little thing me and Emmett are missing him like mad and I'm now worried about Emmett pining. He's really depressed. Love you Stoney man, you'll be missed so much xxx
  9. Hi guys! Thought I would post a reintroduction as I have not been on here for years. I don't know if anyone remembers me but I used to be a fairly regular poster and bought a Senegal called Emmett from MadMudMob. Just thought I'd let you all know how we are getting on I am now living in Scotland with my fiance, we run a falconry business in the Galloway hills and I'm loving it here. I still have my two parrots, Emmett and Stoney, originally thought to be two males, Emmett however has been making amorous advances on Stoney who seems happy to oblige so now I'm not too sure, Stoney may be female. We are also thinking of getting a blue and gold macaw, my partner has always wanted one and I have worked with them in the past. Love them to bits! We currently also have 26 birds of prey, 3 horse, 4 dogs, 3 geese, 4 chickens, 2 snakes, 1 chameleon, 1 beared dragon, 1 tortoise, 1 pygmy hedgehog and 5 ferrets! Our falconry business is doing well and we are looking forward to this year doing displays, courses and weddings, and I'm thinking of trying to get the parrots trained up for something, would be nice to give them something new to do! Hope everyone is well and has had a good christmas and new year! It's nice to be back! Libby, Emmett and Stoney!
  10. I am getting Stoney DNA sexed soon so if it turns out i do have 2 boys then would i be ok getting another 2? someone also mentioned mixing them with Jardines or othe poicephalus species. .... hmm
  11. Hi guys, my boys are going to be moving in to a brand new out door aviary, complete with heated shed etc, will be inside for winter though, i think Emmy may disown me if he has to see snow! I was just wondering, as my aviary is going to be quite large, i may think of getting some other birds, to live out there permanently. i was wondering if anyone had any experience of Senegals in a mixed species setting and whether it is possible to do so. there is a Senegal at college living in an aviary with 20 budgies, 2 cockatials and a couple of Bourkes. they seen to get on fine but i havent seen enough of them to know this for certain. wouls i be better maybe getting another couple of Sennies? hmmm quandry, Thanks for any advice Lib xx
  12. hey guys, good news, Emmett has recovered nothing more than a bruised ego i think. hes flying around at up to his old tricks again good to be back xx
  13. Hi guys, long time no post for me. Just a quick note to all users to watch out for open top cages, my two live out permanently, the top of their cage is never shut (my room door is), there is a perch to hold the top open etc, as always. All safe and sound, any way today I heard alot of shouting and shrieking coming from my room so I rushed in and the perch had somehow come out and one half of the top had shut, trapping Emmys wing in a bad position, he had twisted around that much that he had wrapped the feathers at the base of his wing round the hinge, and there was blood everywhere! I had to unscrew the front of the cage to get him out. Luckily he appears relatively unscathed, the blood had come from a small knick caused by the hinge, and there is a little swelling and bruises. A bird expert friend of mine has been round to see him and may be taking him to the vets tomorrow if I'm worried. Hate to think what would have happened if he had done this when i was not in, broken wing I think. So just a heads up on these cages, I've never had a problem before, still not sure how it happened, think they may have been arguing and pulled on a toy that in turn pulled the lid shut. May have to think about something to fasten the top open, string or something, although this may not last long. Any thoughts, greatly appreciated. Nice to be back Libby x
  14. all ours seem ok, Stoney even starts shouting and bouncing round his cage, and yes he now go's "weeeeeeeeeeee!" really loudly! emmy justs takes it all in his stride as usual and the ducks just went to sleep on their pond. its only the wimpy dogs who are really bothered. lol hope everyones ok. tis nice to be back
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