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  1. I've been trying for a while to post some topics in the food section and to share some photo's but for some reason I can't seem to attach any photo's to my posts. I was trying to copy the photobucket link but it won't allow me to paste the link. Can anyone help?
  2. Yes, he has now been found safe and sound. He was only 100 yards aways high up in a tree.
  3. Lost in the Cricketers Way area of Andover African Grey. This is one of my baby parrots who has been with his new home just under a week. He is still a baby and has very, very little flying experience. I can't see him covering much distance but he is very people friendly so quite likely to swoop down on someone. Can anyone in the area please keep their eyes peeled for this little darling.
  4. We have a wonderful breeder on the forum who goes by the name of Fannyann.
  5. Tops of doors nicely re-shaped, wallpaper had to be removed as not enough of it was left the same with the coving. The carpet was also removed as too many stains, holes in walls regularly repaired, cable tv wire and internet after being chewed through for the third time has been re-routed round the outside of the house. My curtains are designer with lots of lovely peek a boo holes in them, curtain hooks missing so they're a bit saggy too. Leather sofa has designer holes, remote controls missing buttons, computers missing keys and I'm sure I've still missed out loads more.
  6. It would also help if you can let us know what area he is from?
  7. Not sure where you are from. I am a breeder and I have very young babies who will be fully weaned around mid September. I'm near Portsmouth in Hampshire.
  8. Hope you have a great one, Happy Birthday.
  9. How about some pulses. They must be soaked and you can feed them in a variety of ways including just soaked, sprouted or cooked and you can mix some spinich, brussel sprouts etc with it.
  10. A Yellow budgie has been handed in to me which was found in the Cowplain area. Seems to be a really sweet little bird would be lovely to find his owner.
  11. So pleased to hear that things are looking good so far Sue.
  12. Will be thinking of you tomorrow Sue. I hope all goes well and it works for you this time.
  13. Nice one John, good luck with the further eggs.
  14. None of mine get them. I buy walnuts in shell and almonds and split every one of them to check before feeding.
  15. Hope you had a good one. Happy belated birthday.
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