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  1. I really do believe that there are many different factors involved, such as breed of dog, as well as age, but I also am a very firm believer in "accidents do happen" & it's not worth taking the risk of them happening if it can be helped.
  2. Awwww... that poor little pup :cry:
  3. I'm gonna have to go with the majority on this one! I did NOT like that video! My mature Australian Shepherd normally is not a problem in the house with the birds, but I don't allow contact, as I know that my macaw & my sennie would torment him & it sure wouldn't take but one defensive bite to kill or seriously maim any of the birds. The birds aren't out of their cages, of course, if I'm not there with them.
  4. Awwww ... I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of your sweet loved one :cry:
  5. LoL! You went from going to get a baby sennie to getting 2 mature caiques! They are just adorable! And the cage set up looks really good!
  6. Hey Laura! I'm glad to hear that you did contact the authorities. It sounds as tho in your case it was probably abandoned babies or ones that lost their mom. In our case, the woman surely knew the ferret they found in their bath tub was some ones pet! That's what made me SO mad about it! I called the vet she had taken him to for immuniztions & he even told me that he thought it was wierd the woman brought the ferret in so soon after finding her, as it was obviously someone's well taken care of pet! Errr .... still boils my blood when I think about it & about how snotty she was when I knocked at her door :evil: ! My daughter got Snickers when she was no bigger than a thumb She was taken from her mom at an early age, tho I can't remember why now, & she was always very small for a ferret, & such a DOLL! My daughter finally had to help her to sleep when she was 15 years old :cry: Sorry to have gotten so far off the topic of your little ones, but it brought back such memories :roll: Good luck with yours, I think they make very good furry friends, just like kitties!
  7. Hi Tony! Bobby is gorgeous! CONGRATULATIONS to you
  8. I've never lived with or cared for a budgie, so I can't say a lot about the subject. However, birds in general ... a varied diet, with the staple being a good, natural pellet, is my preferred choice for my birds. Really, I guess I just don't see that the US has any more info as any other country - practically all I know about birds has come from the internet & our avian vet. As far as what avian products are available in the UK, I don't know ... As far as budgies go tho, I too am often very disappointed & saddened that a lot of people don't think as highly of budgies, as other birds. I found a LOT of that here in the US.
  9. Are you sure they didn't escape from some one elses home? I only ask that becuz my daughter (& our family) had a beloved ferret we'd had for about 6 yrs when one day she was just GONE out of our apartment!!!! We searched & searched, called & called, knocked on neighbors doors, ran newspaper adds, set up flyers. FINALLY a little girl from the complex knocked on our door & said her friend - 2 DOORS DOWN FROM US - had little Snickers all along! Apparantly she had somehow gone from our basment into theirs & ended up in their shower. So I went to the door & did the lady ever give me a hard time! She wasn't about to give Snickers back at first. But when she saw the look on my daughters sad face, she finally relented & gave her back to us AFTER I paid her up front for the vet visit!!
  10. It is a commitment. You are committing to enrich the birds life! When you make the decision to take one in, it's like taking in a child - you have to be willing to adjust your life to accomodate the bird, in many ways. You have to come to an "understanding". So, what you might plan for at first may have to be changed & re-arranged, LoL. Some kids are naturally angelic, others aren't. Some are loud & very demanding of attention, others are content to play quietly by themselves giving plenty of safe things to occupy them. But in general, macaws are social & really are quite adaptable & don't have a lot of the behavioural issues other birds tend to have. They're actually quite gentle & even in the wild are not naturally aggressive birds. They're big birds & come with big voices, but don't necessarily use their loud voice for long periods of time. I live almost on top of my neighbor, our bird room & about 50 ft from their kitchen & they've never complained in the 4 yrd I've had my macaw. Good luck to you! It does sound to me as if you would make a good macaw parront - but you can never be TOTALLY prepared until you've lived with one for awhile - by then you ARE comitted! It's not a decision to take lightly & it sounds as tho you're putting a lot of thought & research into it - good for you!!
  11. Try wedging a fav kind of nut or chunk of fruit up there in one of the chain links, or tie to the mid part of the boing with a piece of twine (just cut it off after he gets the treat), bet it wont take him too long to go after it
  12. Uh-oh, I'm afraid my PB isn't very well organized, but here's a link to it http://s4.photobucket.com/albums/y115/CathysPhotos/? You can also see my pics & read more about my birds on my Piczo site by clicking on the "www" button below my signature on my posts.
  13. Awww ... I'm so sorry to hear about you & your ex's loss WOW, 22 years!!?? That is pretty amazing! Sounds like he was a REAL survivor from the very beggining! He lived a long & happy life & he will rest in peace now ...
  14. Hi! Welcome! It's good to have you & Cracker here =D>
  15. Thanx everyone I don't do a lot of talking up, but I love coming to read here often, I'm always learning something new here! I'm glad to see some familiar names, & some I'm not familiar with too. Yep, Debra - another yank, I'm in Nebraska. I've read some of your posts & seen some pics of your beautiful 'Zons!
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