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  1. Romy Thanks again for your helpful information - I am thinking of getting two - one for the outside back garden and one for the outside front garden - still have the squirrels in the attic at the moment - hubby will hopefully deal with them while the girls and I are in London... Kind regards
  2. Romy thank you for your excellent directions et cetera - I have printed them off and shall take them with me. I plan to go to Camden Town to buy earrings while I am in London - went there a couple of years ago and got some really nice ones from one of the stalls - I hope the stall is still there. Sharongooner - thanks for your comments as well - like your Arsenal picture - I am going to my first Arsenal game on Tuesday - the people I stay with in Highgate have season tickets.. Thanks to everyone for all your comments and helpful advice - we are travelling down on Sunday and looking forward to the journey. Regards
  3. Hi Elle The bus is another option - I will check that out as well... Does anyone have experience taking parrots on the bus???
  4. Thanks again for the helpful advice - I thought the Taxi might be pricey - not sure I want to remortgage my house for a wee trip - It is really nice to be able to ask questions and get advice...very helpful. I think I will give the tube a miss.
  5. Hello - I am planning a trip by car to London (from Scotland) soon and will be taking my parrots with me. Once in London I want to visit friends (with the girls) near Hammersmith (travelling from Highgate area). My first question is can parrots go on the tube? And if so, is it safe for them to do so and does anyone have experience taking parrots on the tube - is there anything I need to know about taking parrots on the tube? If the tube is out of the question what about taking parrots in a taxi? I do not wish to drive from H'gate to H'smith myself unless absolutely necessary (would probably end up lost or pay a fortune for congestion charges). I know I can take them on the train but have not investigated the train situation between H'gate and H'smith. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards Rhonda
  6. Hi Romy Thanks for your reply - It will be worth getting the sonic deterrant for the outside - good idea - hopefully that will help to keep them out in future.
  7. Hi S and thanks for your welcome and reply. Sometimes they leave went we go up to the loft, but other times they run and hide. On investigating a bit further it seems they have somehow got beneath the loft flooring and into the floor joists, which is why the noise is getting a bit worse as they are right on top of the ceiling now. What fun...
  8. Thanks Kleopatra - much appreciated. I just finished figuring out how to add photos to my signature - what fun - thanks to Mad Mud for giving me the instructions. Kind regards Rhonda
  9. Thanks again to everyone who responded to my query and for the warm welcomes and advice. Kind regards Rhonda
  10. Thanks Pomperella - your advice has helped me to make my decision - if one Amazon died from what could or could not have been the sonic thing then that is one too many - you are right, what is thier proof - I would not want to lose either of my girls because of some squirrel deterrent - I think I will wait until the weather is a bit better and keep an eye out for them to be playing in the garden and then attempt to find their entrance in the loft and block it off temporarily and wait and see if they are all out before closing it up permanently.... Glad I asked.... Regards Rhonda
  11. Kleopatra thank you for your reply - and yes I will have mercy on the squirrels - and do plan to block their entrance once they are out - they actually entered last year and had babies - but they are making too much racket and wake the parrots and us at all hours of the night - once we are sure they are out we will endevour to block any entrance to the loft to keep them out - Rhonda
  12. Thanks for your reply - I did get a response from the actual company who state that Parrots are not affected by ultrasonic sounds and that the sounds do not penetrate walls/floors - will wait and investigate a bit more before deciding if this item is what we need. Kind regards Rhonda
  13. Hello, I have two parrots (Red Lored Amazon and Hahn's Macaw) who share a bedroom on the second floor of our home. We have grey squirrels in our loft that we need to get rid of. I am investigating ways to do this and came across this website - http://www.pestcontrolshop.co.uk they have an ultrasonic device (ultrasonic sound waves as well as strobing lights) that can be put in the loft that is movement activated, which will make the loft unpleasant for squirrels to want to visit. My questions are has anyone every used this type of device or heard of using this type of device; most importantly does it have any effect on parrots. I have emailed the company directly as well, but wanted to see if there were any parroty folk who might shed some light on this. With kind regards, Rhonda
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