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  1. If he was spoon fed try offering soft food from the spoon. That was the only thing that worked with my parrot...
  2. I have not posted for a while... Poppy is doing great and speaking loads now. She is a right little attention seeker. Her new favourite is to keep calling my name untill I answer... Note the slightly annoyed tone she has learned from my other half(I do not often respond straight away ) Just waiting her to start saying NOTHING after I answer :roll: http://s8.photobucket.com/albums/a2/nooraloo/Poppy%20Videos/?action=view&current=MVI_2026.flv She also demands Poppy come, Poppy come here etc. When she wants us to go to her or call her over... In the clip she does not get called over so decides "Poppy wants eat" and goes to check her bowl... http://s8.photobucket.com/albums/a2/nooraloo/Poppy%20Videos/?action=view&current=MVI_2013.flv Weird thing is she seems to prefer the other halfs voice and only says few things in my voice... She really is such a clever girl and is starting to use the language she has learned to her advantage too and in appropriate times. She asks to come out of her cage... Telling herself off for doing something naughty... Telling herself what a good girl she is after she gets a whistle right or does something we have asked her to do... She flies upstairs and asks WHERES POPPY GONE? Tells us she wants to eat and then goes to eat. She also makes her own sentences up saying Poppy wants xxxxxx Says NO to most questions you ask her, She is a teenager after all !
  3. Thanks Macawmad... I know for a baby it is normal and only showed the picture to show where his crop seemed to be even when grown up(as it shows well in the picture). I suppose we will never know, I was told his crop was over double the size of a normal crop but this was probably him bringing food back to his crop from when it had already gone down so stretching it. He also seemed to miss the feeling off fullness and would drink and drink so that his crop was overflowing and he would then be sick. These were all part of his illness and we know that all I was wondering about was the position of his crop.None of the vets ever mentioned it and it was not mentioned in the PM but after having Poppy(Merlin was our first) I can see he was different... I have tried to look and Poppys crop seems to be where the naked birdies have theirs, under their face... not on the side...
  4. I can saw the crops here and it made me think... A another crop question. With Merlin, his crop would get too big to my liking. We now know this was due his illness as food/drink would return back to his crop. First time this happened I was really worried as I thought the crop is where you can see it in these pictures but his crop would be not under the head but on the side, right side, it would kind of sit under his cheek... Is this where you can see the crop too or is it supposed to be where I can see it in these pictures? A picture of him when he was a baby but his crop would still be seen there when he was older(if I moved feathers or it was big)... http://s8.photobucket.com/albums/a2/nooraloo/Merlin/Merlins%20baby%20photos/?action=view&current=6.jpg I first noticed this happening before he actually got ill...There is so many questions keep asking and this is one of them. Should the alarm bells had gone off when I first saw this crop on the side or is it normal? Also, Poppy used to sit so that her neck would make a bumb there where I can see it in your picture. I never noticed Merlin to have this, so when we first got Poppy I was sure there is something wrong with her but soon realized it is just how she sits... Its almost like us resting our head down&back but still facing forward, if that makes sence.
  5. Poppy says top it tep up So we have problems with S too...
  6. I have been listening Poppy saying something new but was not able to understand her untill tonight... SHE says Good BOY! And she keeps repeating it, I even have it on film! Only weird thing is GOOD BOY is never used in our house so I have absolutely no idea where she would have got it! Only time I remember saying good boy is when we first got her and I was used to saying good boy to Merlin. Sometimes I would say 'good boy' instead of 'good girl', but this is nearly a year ago! I have to say I have had this little doubt Poppy being a girl after she did something that I see as a "boy move" to my hand :oops: I think I need to get the DNA test done now that Poppy tells herself she is a good boy! Maybe she is trying to give me a hint :shock: She also uses GOOD GIRL so I think we might have a difficult teenage period coming
  7. I would also be interested to hear experiences people have having a house with a parrot and a dog. We (hopefully) have a about 10 month old Puppy joining us next spring time and I do worry how it is all going to work out! Especially when the Pup will never have seen a Parrot before and we will kind of be strangers too! I have told my mum who will bring the puppy up that she must NEVER be allowed to chase birds outside etc. But I do still worry... Poppy seems to be ok with dogs she meets on our walks but it is quite different story having one in HER house than meeting one outside.
  8. Thanks everybody. He was our "first born", first parrot we got together... It's been over a year since he died, I can now watch the video and remember the good times and not cry my eyes out! So happy I found it! I have kind of deleted all that spring time from my head, can't even remember taking the video or saving it on my computer! It's amazing what constantly being on your toes,stress and tiredness can do to you!
  9. I was going through files in my computer and found a video of Merlin!! I thought I haven't got any videos of my baby boy as it took me a while to figure out how to use my camera! What a lovely find, but it did make me miss my baby boy :cry: I think the video was taken few days after his longest visit to the vets and he had only just forgiven me taking him and leaving him there... http://s8.photobucket.com/albums/a2/nooraloo/Merlin/?action=view&current=sekalai010.flv He was a lovely little boy who was always so trusting, even after all he went through in his short life.
  10. I would have thought what a good girl telling herself off for something she was going to do (which is something she does all the time)... But the laughter afterwards.... I could not quite believe she had just done that! I could just see her fluffing and wriggling her tail with a smug face on! I can now see the funny side and the clever pants Poppy is trying to be.
  11. No, I do not know who the breeder of this baby is. I'm just amazed these people can get away with selling ill birds. How can parrot breeders get away with selling birds that have a disease!! I understand that it can not be proven that the baby had the illness when it left the breeder etc. but if there is more than one bird from the same breeder surely this shows it is quite unlikely all of them have picked it up from a visitor/vets etc. Sorry just thinking aloud... Edided to add that I do realize in this case the illness has not been proven as yet so just general thinking... and thinking of our case in which the illness was proven in PM.
  12. This is something that happened last night... May I say I did not see the funny side 5 o'clock in the morning! My partner has a stomach bug so spent most of the night going to the toilet to throw up . When it started to get light every time he got up his movements set Poppy off for her morning routine of whistles and hello babys... As I had hardly slept all night and had to get up early I did not find this amusing so after a while I went downstairs and told Poppy NO, Be quiet, Night time, NO whistles etc... She did not look impressed but stopped. Next time my partner jumps up, I'm just waiting the hellos to start... No. Poppy does not keep quiet... She lets out really loud POPPY NO, OI, NO mumbles NO mumbles... And few seconds later laughs aloud like she has been really clever not whistling (but just could not keep quiet!!)
  13. I'm so sorry to hear you have lost your baby. I also had very negative response from my birds breeder when our baby died, the breeder did not want to know which itself is shocking! Not only did they not care but threathened us with legal action etc if we go public with our information! Not something you need when you have just lost your baby... Try to be strong.
  14. We use a clicker with Poppy and I have to say I feel click=treat every time works best with Poppy. If she was not getting the treat on every click she would quickly say what ever I'm off. She is definately not patient enough to wait for a "jack pot"! She gets fustrated so quickly if I'm not reacting to her doing the correct thing. She loses her consentration so much quicker than any dog I have trained and is so much quicker learner too! So it is extremely fast paced action-click-treat-action-click-treat chain. Often she starts offering an action before she has even finished her treat. Just as an example of how quickly they learn: http://s8.photobucket.com/albums/a2/nooraloo/?action=view&current=MVI_1495.flv The little shaking of the foot came by me clicking on thinking she is starting to wave when she started to scratch, couple "mistake"clicks and she thought she is supposed to shake her foot like that!
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