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  1. Clearly your vet back then totally underestimated the strength of a child, the strength of you. Personally I think if a child asks to be present, then the vet should explain the procedure, what may or may not happen, and if the child still wants to stay, then that wish should be granted. I'm sorry that hurts you to this day Pottys Mum x
  2. This is a copy of my experience and views on euthanasia quite some time ago, I wrote it on the mytoos website, but my feelings on the matter are still the same. It does give quite a detailed account of my taking one of my beloved cockatiels to the vet, but not in a disturbing way I dont think. Just thought I should warn in advance though.. x Euthanasia Although no-one wants to be faced with this situation, as bird/animal owners, chances are that one day, you WILL be faced with dealing with this. The word euthanasia comes from Greek terms. ‘’eu’’ meaning ‘good’, and ‘’thanatos’’ meaning ‘death’. This is my view on what is a ‘good death’. The death should be as humane, as painless, and as trauma free as possible. The animal should experience little, or any if possible, anxiety pre-death. Loss of conciousness should be quick, and as pain free as possible. Usually, a well handled euthanasia is totally pain free. Here is how the proceedings went with my recent encounter with euthanasia with my cockatiel, Chip. 1) Extensive tests were run to evaluate the seriousness of his condition (it was already clear at this point that his condition was quite serious.) 2) I asked my vet to be totally honest with regarding the outcome of the tests, if Chips condition was to prove incurable, and his life quality was going to be poor and degenerative, to advise me if euthanasia was advisable. I knew deep down that I would probably recognise this situation myself, but allowing for emotion to blind me slightly over my pets welfare, I needed to be sure I would not let my pet down. 3) Agreeing/coming to terms with such a decision should it arise, is not easy. However, it is vital at this point that you put your pets welfare before your own emotional needs. HERE IS HOW TAKING MY BELOVED PET BIRD ON HIS FINAL JOURNEY WAS HANDLED . None of it was easy, it was extremely difficult and painful emotionally, to the point of being physically painful. BUT deep within my heart, I knew I was doing right by my pet. (this is simply the decision to let a beloved friend go, not the actual act of euthanasia that I speak of above) 1) I prepared his travel cage and made it as comfortable as I could, as I did with any trip to the vet.. 2) I kept my own emotions under strict control, and quietly and calmly removed him from his cage and placed him in his travel cage. 3) I was not kept waiting at the vets. They knew the reason I was there, and I was called in to the consulting room within minutes. 4) My vet quickly went over Chips condition, his prognosis, and reassured me that I was doing the right thing. I was asked if I wanted to be present during proceedings, which I did. There was NO pressure whatsoever put on me over this, 5) Chip was first of all given a whiff of general anaesthetic, and he very quickly and painlessly fell asleep, deeply asleep. It was calm, struggle free, and humane. Once he was fully anaesthetised, he was injected directly into his liver, via his stomach. This is the injection that actually causes the death of the animal. 6) All through the procedure, the vet chatted gently and calmly to me, explaining step by step what was happening. This kept me calm, which in turn will have reflected on my pets final emotions before he fell asleep under the anaesthesia. 7) I was then left in total peace and quiet (although the vet did not leave the room, he simply stayed silent) while I held my bird in my hands close to my heart as the final steps of his beautifully peaceful journey were completed. After about a minute and a half, the vet gently suggested that he was going to check for breathing and heartbeat. Chip was not removed from my hands, and the vet was gentle and calm as he very carefully checked Chip for any signs of life. He acknowledged gently that Chip was now at peace. 9) A little bit of panic started to grow inside of me at this point, I needed to be sure that his euthanasia WAS successful. My vet patiently gave me another minute nursing Chip, and then quietly and calmly checked for signs of life again. He reassured me that Chips journey was, indeed, over. Chips passing was extremely calm, painless, and peaceful. I am sharing and reliving these moments for those of you who think ‘’I could never cope’’ ‘’It will be traumatic and disturbing and horrible’’ ‘’My pet will suffer’’. For those of you who may be facing this now, or may at sometime during the future face this difficult decision, I hope my experience has helped, or will help you feel more prepared should the time arise. The personal loss and grief can still be extreme, but I do have to say that the beautiful peacefulness of your pets passing becomes a great comfort. If your vet does not use anaesthesia as a prelude to euthanasia as a matter of course, you CAN insist upon it. This way, things are much easier on both your pet, and on you, especially with a small animal. Euthanasia is seen as a dark subject, and from my experience, rarely discussed openly in public forums. It is even quite difficult to find heartfelt personal experiences on the web. I hope my very recent experience of it has helped remove some of the darkness and horror that often seems to surround this subject. I hope it shows that those final steps in that final journey, can, indeed, have a peaceful beauty about them. Even as I am writing this, I am grieving the loss of my much loved friend. But, I am NOT grieving how he passed. I will be eternally grateful for that beautiful, painfree, fear free passing. Anne. _________________________
  3. Hi Lola1, nice to 'meet' you I have a question about Lola please. Was she particularly 'good' at anything, ie, talking, dancing, did she pluck at all, anything funny that she did? And I have just realised, I can't count for toffee, I will scan the net along with all the other good people here, but any extra bits of info, no matter how small or insignificant they seem may just help. E>T>A Have you asked on the Mytoos website? Anne x
  4. I think this might have been my maths teacher 40 years ago! Lovely, lovely story!
  5. I am sure I have heard of Georg(I)e, Pottys Mum! So he found himself a 'bit of young' did he, LOL! That's the spirit Georgie-George,it'll keep ya young and keep the cardiovascular circuit in good shape
  6. Thank you Pottys Mum. Yes, at first it was very hard, we had such a special bond, absolutely adored each other. Now though, time has healed and I just savour those wonderful memories, they are forever <3
  7. Just a chit-chatty curious one this The oldest parrot I have ever known was my narky-pants Cinders, a DYHA. She was a snap-happy, growling, grumbling, singing chatterbox of a bird who had lived through a world war and come through it shrieking with glee. I held her in my arms as she gently left this mortal coil and headed for the pure pastures of Rainbow Bridge, aged almost 77 years. My wonderful Cinders caused trouble even in her final minutes, biting a hole in the newly upholstered seats in the veterinary waiting room, snarling and growling and gurning at all who came over to admire her, then terrorising her vet as she took her final opportunity to remove at least one of his fingers. Her greatest joy was hearing the yell of dismay from the person she had just bitten. Hard! In typical Cinder's style, she made sure that everyone in the vicinity was aware of her presence that morning, turning her beak up in disgust at anyone and everyone who tried to sweet-talk her, or ''tut-tutted'' and ''Awww''ed when they learned the reason for her visit to the vet that morning. Then opened her beak in readiness to prove that although she may now be very old and worn, her beak at least was in fine working order. Still viewing everyone but me as beneath her, this glorious, almost 77 year old parrot was a cow to the very end! I hope they have Band-Aids in Heaven Me and my girl! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97nkepCSH8Q
  8. I have only just seen this heartbreaking thread, so am now sharing the picture from FB with this message: These two birds flew out of a window around the 11th of May 2013. Please can you share this poster as they are still missing and the owner is devastated. There have been sightings of them in stated areas. PLEASE post this on your own page, in groups you belong to, and on friends pages. One of your friends may know something, or have seen something, one member of the group/s you belong to may know something or have seen something. Please SHARE far and wide! I really hope you get some positive news which leads to the return of your babies Net.
  9. JustGentle

    A mishmash of memories

    Some of the many, many birds that have lit up my world, broken my heart, taught me more than I could ever have imagined. Wild birds, broken birds, pet birds, and never forgetting my old Cinders, almost 77 when she flew with grace, (well no, not grace, Cinders was NEVER graceful!) flew free to the bridge shortly before her 77th birthday xxx
  10. (Part quote above) This rings a bell with me also. I remember all to clearly being absolutely flamed in my very early days of avian forums. Only on a few occasions, but it did hurt. I was new(ish) to birds and their care, new to the internet, but keen to learn and eager to be a really good owner/carer. Looking back, I most certainly did spout some cr*p, not 'dangerous/stupid stuff as such, but yeah, cr*p nonetheless. I was very tempted run as fast as I could from online discussion boards and go and sit in the 'real life' sulking corner feeling very sorry for my poor little self, but fortunately I could see there was a lot more good to be gained if I just stayed, opened my mouth a bit less, and opened my ears a bit more (well, eyes, not ears, ... ) The experiences in those early days therefore taught me much more than bird care, like the same lesson can be taught pleasantly, or with sarcasm and nastiness. One way encourages one to hang around and become eager to learn more, the other way can encourage a person to run in the opposite direction bringing an abrupt ending to their learning curve. I try to stick by the former method. Am no tho, and have myself been thoughtlessly guilty of getting my knickers in a tight twist and foaming at the cybermouth. Warranted I believe sometimes, and shamefully unwarranted at others. Am far from proud of the latter xxx
  11. This tickled me because it reminded me of a pointless and needless remark regarding one of my Youtube videos The poster put something like ''I can not believe I have just completely wasted 5 minutes of my life watching this (insert rude version of the word 'poop' ) I replied something on the lines of ''Then I must thank you sincerely for the gift of that wasted time of yours, plus, also, the extra bonus of two more minutes of your wasted time that you took thinking up, then typing out your response. Im touched. Thank heavens you have so much time to waste. You must be more 'touched' than me!!!'' Oddly enough, that led to us laughing at the pure silliness and many private chats and giggles afterwards. As you so rightly say, no one has to read, or watch !
  12. I think this is a beautiful tribute and acknowledgement to both Lea and her beloved Mollie. What kind hearted, compassionate people you are. xxx To Lea, if you ever feel you would like me to make you a really beautiful commemorative slideshow for your darling girl, just say the word. I can and would create for you a heartfelt, loving, keepsake. I would put my heart and soul in to making it into something you could treasure and hold on to forever. I know you dont know me (at least, I don't think we know each other) but my heart has been forever touched by your pain. I'll never forget your heartbreaking posts, not ever. Anne xxxxxx
  13. I'd like to suggest a topic, it's a very emotive one, but a very important one in my opinion. Euthanasia. Covering aspects, possibly, such as have you had to make the decision but been unable to cope with being present at the time peace is administered, been there during, has your vet been as caring to you as he/she has been to the animal (or, as I have heard stories of, been totally uncaring) Coping techniques, etc. Obviously, I understand if you feel this may be too emotive of a topic or too negative, but perhaps it may just prove very positive regarding the coping techniques, seeing in black and white that no, you are not alone, someone else has walked that same, difficult winding road that leads to the decision..? Please dont think me a heartless cow for suggesting this one, I'm really not xx
  14. I offered to take two little budgies from my local branch, and was told, fairly, I had to wait a few days as they had not been there a full week and could be claimed, or maybe one would be claimed. (They were unrelated, came in on different days and had been put together for companionship) I left all my details, and when I went down a few days later, the budgies were available for me to take. I reminded the girl as I signed the budgies out that my home check hadn't yet taken place, but please feel free to drop by anytime, no appointment needed. I was horrified to be told ''Oh, it doesn't matter, they're only budgies''. I won't repeat my response, suffice to say my inherent 'pikey' vocabulary reared it's unpleasant head as I let my feelings on this matter be known. Was so shocked, and very, very saddened.
  15. It was with great pride I video'd Weeble to show off to the world how to stop your birdy pooping down your laptop screen. Teach him/her the 'Turn around' command. Simples! Weeble learned his new command quickly and always obeyed. No more poopies running down my screen Unfortunately I had overlooked the important fact that an obedient cockatiel can and will still poop regardless of what his smug owner teaches him. Especially when he has had a belly full of veggies for breakfast. I realised this the minute I saw him hunker down, squint, and send a warm wet one over the back of my laptop straight down with 'splat', right between the toes of my bare foot. Cheers Weeble. Cheers very much!
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