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  1. Out of curiosity...why was Mollie at Junes in the first place..??
  2. Yes he is. I have used Metacam in the past on birds so Im ok with it but if I can find something more natural that would be great. Thanks so far for all of the advice and ideas..!!! Am putting Milk Thistle in her water now. She refuses to eat honey anyway :roll:
  3. Thanks, will try some. To be honest I dont think she is actually in pain as such as she is very happy etc. Just seems very old all of a sudden
  4. Meg, my little Citron Too, is really feeling her age now. She sleeps much more, doesnt eat as much and is very stiff. Im wondering if anyone has any ideas on some natural remedies that might help..?? The vet has suggested Metacam which I will try but I also want to try some more natural things to ease her a little. We dont know her actuall age, just that she is a minimum of 26. Her skin is very scaly and frequently peels and cracks. I have used Bio Oil and also have been spraying her with Aloe Vera. She has TidyMix, pulses, fruit veg, etc so eats a nice variety of foods. I just am desperate to find things to help her
  5. Sonny Boy and Harry-ASBO are working in complete unison to achieve one very specific goal....Greenwings unite to dispel the myth that Macaws are intelligent :roll: In the last 2 days Sonny has dismantled a whole Montana stand, bolt by bolt. Very clever you might think....not so clever when said Macaw was still sat on it as the whole thing collapsed around his ears :roll: Also not clever was allowing (so called) best mate Majik to pick up one of the larger bolts, fly off with it and then proceed to drop it on Sonnys head from a great height 8O 8O Sonny is fine, no sense, no feeling as they say Asbo on the other hand has perfected his practice in extreme sports...IE: throwing himself off the upstairs bannister to the bottom of the stairs.....without flying 8O :roll: Also to add to his repertoire of stupidity he can open the feed bin.....climb in and then allow it to slam shut over his head, rendering him well and truly stuck 8O Not happy with just trying this once, he has now managed to do this on multiple occasions. Needless to say that this career in idiocy has now been curtailed by removal of the food bin, much to his disgust. I give up, Macaws - who`d have them..????? :roll:
  6. Awww its great when they start to chatter isnt it.. Then you have to find the volume control..........
  7. Hi and welcome...!!!! I have two Sennies who are great but I love the Meyers too, cracking little birds..
  8. Gorgeous, there is nothing more gorgeous and cute and oh did I mention gorgeous..?? :roll: than a baby Macaw
  9. Haha, people are always telling me I should be sectioned... :shock:
  10. Thats brill, cant wait to read about him..!!!!
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