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  1. Not been on here for Ages, just spent the last 2 hours reading this thread after seeing a link in the Newsletter, Something needs to be done about this Zoo and soon !!
  2. Cockatoo


    my lot love Orange, Satsumas etc, I Normally peel them, but a friend asked why i dont just chop them up to save time, do you feed oranges with or without the peel
  3. hope you clip his claws !!! :twisted:
  4. Found African grey in a Village near Aylesbury, tame and friendly Bird, email me if you have lost a Grey in this area !! Edited to add .. Details also been passed to John @ national theft register
  5. Cockatoo

    Quick Claw Question

    That was what i suspected, having never needed to use a vets for Claws, i was unsure, i may opt for the big Clip myself as the bird gets stressed being handled, i would rather do it once as a 1 off, than once a week for a month or 2
  6. Cockatoo

    Brown discolouring on his tail

    Tail feathers should never be clipped, they affect the birds balance !!
  7. i have clipped loads of parrot claws in the past but today was asked to have a look at a friends U2, one of the smaller claws has curled right round and is touching the foot, Now my Question is .... If i Clip the claw back it will bleed as i will need to take at least 3 - 4 mm off so it can be used properly and start to grow properly Will the bleeding be the only problem or should i advise he takes the bird to a vets, What would a vet do in this situation other than clip the claw and stem the bleeding ?? Cheers in advance !!
  8. http://shrunklink.com/?lwi (Edited to shrink long link)
  9. Cockatoo


    one of my Umbrellas used to get really excited in the shower, usually swallowing large amounts of water and bringing it all back up along with his last meal, Was it raining when you noticed it ??
  10. Cockatoo

    Parrots v. ex-boyfriend

    hmmmmnn do i sence a parrot loving single young lady !!
  11. My Toos and Greys both have mad outbursts, screaming and flapping wings, as if they are excited and hyper,
  12. Cockatoo

    Meat (s)

    What, a Whole one !!!! :shock: :twisted:
  13. Cockatoo

    Cockatoo - above or below!

    Depends on the Bird, 2 of my U2s are fine at any level, 1 of them will go mad when he is above me, i need to wait till he comes down then he is fine !
  14. Cockatoo

    Quails with Greys?

    My Grey likes Quails, i give him about 1 aweek !! :twisted: :twisted:
  15. Cockatoo

    Parrot perches??

    if you really must have Straight perches, Try B&Q or Similar, you can get Broom Handles, Banister HandRail or various sizes of Wooden Dowl