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  1. I have been asked to compile a list of registered UK Parrot Charities as a handout to accompany the forthcoming exhibition 'Parrots in Art' at the Barber Institute in Birmingham from 26th January - 29th April 2007. Admission is free and it is going to be a fantastic exhibition with a free Parrot open day for families on 17th March. Games, music, drama, talks and parrots etc and of course a guided tour of the exhibition. The list is for people interested in Parrots and wishing to help in Conservation or any other aspect of Parrot Welfare to make donations and offer pledges to registered charities. if you know of any registered charities who should be on this list I would appreciate it if you would post their details on the forum or email: enquiries@parrotlink.com. Thanking you in advance.
  2. Citroen Cockatoo lost 11.03.05 in Telford, Ellerdine area. One of a pair please email mailto:rebecca@becksbirdbarn.co.uk if any sightings.
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