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  1. ok no probs just wondered if you had lutinos , i wouldnt mix the colours either thanks for your help and good luck with the new season
  2. Hi Thank you for that link very usefull have now discoverd i have two hens , would you be intrested in a swap or wanting to buy???
  3. these are definately not celestial parrotlets they are the same as the blue spectacled parrotlet but pure yellow all over?? i have apair of blue spectacled and they i agree are very easy to sex. i might dna with a blood sample although i dont like distressing them by handling them too much so i will perhaps just be happy to have them and wait and see? thanks for your help anyway and like to say the site has become really helpful and informative now
  4. Hi can someone tell me how to determine the sex of my lutino parrotlets as i have tried to look up on previous websites but got confused. they both have red eyes if that means anything, one website said males only had red eyes both use nest box , although one comes out more than the other. had them a year not sure of age , if you could help would be greatly appreciated
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