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  1. Hi I have a 2 lovely little Sennies. Betty is 9 and Elsie, who I think is now going through puberty. She'll be 2 in November. She's suddenly started getting very, very nippy. She flies to me if I call her and click my fingers, steps up and gets down off things on verbal cue, but will fly to me, then immediately nip quite hard. She sometimes draws blood. She also nips when I try to put her back in her cage and we sometimes have a quite a song & dance trying to get her back into the cage of a morning before I go to work. I always reward good behaviour with praise and a treat - so if she stops biting, she gets praise and when they both go into the cage, they get praise and a treat. She's got territorial over the top of her cage (but not interior) and will not step up onto my hand from there. I've been trying to address the nipping problem with a firm "No!" and a hand wobble, putting her down and walking away without a word. Trouble is, she follows me! Both birds get lots of love an attention. She nipped my lip quite hard this morning, which is something she has never done. Both birds get a 'kiss' of a morning - I say 'kiss' and they touch their beak to my lip. Elsie leaned forward for her kiss and nipped - the little madam! I think she's trying to dominate me, as she keeps jumping onto my head and posturing. When she's biting, there's no warning, no neck ruff, no eye flash or growling, just landing on my hand, then wallop. It's not just one nip either, she'll nip, nip, nip until she's good and ready to stop! Any ideas gratefully received, as I don't want to unintentionally teach her biting is a good behaviour! Helen x
  2. Hi all My little love Elsie the Senegal has had a big moult and is looking very raggedy, bless her. However, where she's moulted some dark head feathers, they've grown back sunshine yellow like those on her tummy! Is this ok? She did get very irritated with herself at one point, as those new quills were obviously itching her, so I bought a soothing plume spray which has put a stop to that. She is still doing a lot of grooming though. Apart from this, and looking like she's been dragged through a hedge backwards, she's fine - eating, playing, talking and whistling as per usual. I've watched in case her friend Betty is over-grooming her, but she's not, even when Elsie pesters for the umptienth head scratch! I give my birds calcium tonic in their food - Pssitamix, as well as fresh fruit & veg daily and a good quality parrot mix (with very little of that pesky sunflower). Helen x
  3. So very sorry to hear about your Mum, Gary. My condolences to you and your family. I met lovely little Beaky last night when I was collecting my new baby Elsie, who is so fabulous and I adore her to bits. I immediately went "Awwwwww!" He gave my finger a good suck! I'm a real softy for the underdog, or should I say under bird!
  4. I'm going to ring up the paper I saw the advert in on Monday morning. tried today but the relevant department is closed. Am totally outraged. Grrr!
  5. Oh my god! That is exactly what the guy said when I rang him up! :x :x The absolute bast*rd!!!! :x :x :x :x
  6. What are they like as pets? I've been offered one, but I already have 2 Senegal hens. Are they suitable cage-fellows? I've seen mixed results by Googling the species as to their compatibility with other species. I have a large Chiquita playtop cage. Helen x
  7. Hiya I've got a stainless steel cage (non-painted)- a Chiquita playtop from Northern Parrots. It's almost 2 years old and has started to discolour, despite the fact it gets cleaned and scrubbed out from top to bottom twice a week. I use Poop Off for stubborn, well, poop (!) and food mess and F10 to disinfect. I scrub the removable trays with F10... and the bars are looking dull and oxidised. Not quite rusty, as such, just discoloured. I know it's not 'dirty', but I'd like any tips for cleaning it up without harsh chemical products that would surely cause my beloved Sennies (and asthmatic me!) harm. Helen x
  8. I've just laughed so much I nearly choked on my cornflakes! You can just imagine it if your nan came over for tea. "Cuppa, Nan?" "**** *** ****!" :oops:
  9. Well, they do say pets acquire the characteristics of their owners! If mine start developing a dangerous addiction to shoe shopping and turn Pagan, then I'll know for certain!!! LMAO!
  10. We could have the only *** parrots in the village!
  11. I could do, I s'pose. Have spoken with a colleague who used to breed cockatiels and she said rearing birds isn't too bad, so I'm almost tempted to get them a nest box and let them make babies!
  12. I've a sneaking suspicion that Alice, my elder Sennie, may be an Alistair! Eeep! Alice has always been a tad aggressive and unpredictable and has displayed swings between psychosis and rather friendly behaviour towards both myself and Betty (who's definitely female! DNA tested by her previous owners). Alice has now started regurgitating and feeding Betty. Is this only courtship behaviour? Or can it be that 2 females are finally liking each other rather than simply tolerating each other's presence? I don't have facilities or experience to look after babies, adorable as they may be!! :shock:
  13. Oh dear! :roll: No, she's awkward, a bit rude at times and very set in her ways!
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