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  1. Hi Everyone Update The bird has feathers growing back on her chest slowly We had a long chat and she was telling me that she brought Maggie like that but we never no i am going down too visit Maggie soon and I will take some more pictures of her for you all. Hopefully now she keeps her as shes very up and down she was saying on the phone because of splitting up with her husband. Maggie is now getting lots of love and attention what she deserves. We speak nearly every night so if any one wants me too ask her anything I will Thank you all for you kind emails about my Dad very great full
  2. Yes shes emailed me and told me that shes keeping her but if she does sell her i will let you know asap
  3. It's fine Hopefully you get through too her Theres a picture of her in my Photo Bucket now
  4. Yes i email it too you private No we had a crp 1 here is why: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/hereford/worcs/6037481.stm :(:(
  5. I have not contacted her she got my email off somebody witch i don't know Anyway Madmudmob did you have a good Christmas ?
  6. I've told her too come on her but that was 2 weeks ago she keeps emailing me. I am sorry but I have tried and she said she will keep using the local free ads and the papers
  7. Hi There I've had an email off a lady called Ann Marie She owns a 5 year old blue and gold macaw h/r and he/she is plucked and looking for a new home asap can anyone help do have pictures witch she sent me and the lady's email address she is looking for £500 with the cage but will sell for £400 with out the cage. The bird has no ring or no Paper work !!! She is based in immingham . n e lincs Please can anyone help because it sounds like all she cares about is her boy friend and not the bird. Thank you I will put the picture on my photo bucket witch she sent me (THIS IS NOT MY BIRD)
  8. http://household.uk.freeads.net/4_YEAR_OLD_%2C_PAIR-329336.htm Hopefully he finds a good home soon
  9. Hi There Too Day someone came and knocked on our door. They have said have you lost your bird and we replyed yes. But there was an african grey found dead about 5 miles away and we had a look and it was a timneh grey. Well the bird is about a 5 min walk from our house up Atherstone Golf Club. The bird is heard whistling in the morning and has been sighted and he a small grey bird what do i do now please can you help me in ways of trying to catch him plz
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