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  1. Thanks I take on board what everyone has said, I have been telling my sister to spray'over' the bird since she got him, and she has had this lounge fire all the time .It is on almost constantly. She keeps saying she will spray him , but when I see her 3 months later she just says it frightens him....she is paranoid about upsetting him, closes curtains so he wont get frightened by movement (not all the time) doesnt move his cage careful, careful, he is out of his cage most of the time, just comes and goes, but sadly sees very little but the four walls, her and the TV. He seems fairly healthy and very talkative and she dotes on him, As you say gas heaters produce moisture, but I wonder if the dehumidifier is upsetting the moisture level (must be )
  2. My sisters bird seems to be over grooming his white soft feathers , for some reason quite a lot at night... She rarely sprays him(if ever) she says it frightens him, and has had him for 8- 9 yrs, without any problems though to me although fully feathered his feathers always look dry. She recently put a dehumidifier in the lounge where he stays because of moisture (she thought) in the atmosphere due to the gas fire, which is usually on summer or winter Could this be the cause of him pulling the soft feathers...he does not touch his main feathers more than normal preening...in all other respects he seems healthy enough
  3. Yes, I appreciate that comment , I think the sensible thing might be to mix the youngsters together in the biggest flight and mix the adults together in the smaller one . I have actually seen one of the young cockbirds trying to mate with his mum
  4. I have a groupt of 8 Cockatiels 1 adult pair 2 adult hens and 4 (10) babies. I have just purchased a group of 7 birds mainly youngsters (10) they are in a flight next to the original group. Would it be feasible to remove centre partition and let them integrate naturally(I would rather they chose their own partners) OR would this cause territorial disputes. Is it now too near the breeding season to be successful and may be better in Autumn OR should I try to introduce them in another smaller aviary (neutral) I have been informed many times that Cockatiels are fairly mild mannered, but I do no believe that is ALWAYS the case......suggestions gratefully received.
  5. Yes I too would be interested in heated perches, thought I had read it wrong
  6. I have 4 sml parakeets housed in the conservatory in a cage, To consert heat I have placed a 1' long tubular heater at one head and covered the whole with blanket/fleece material. During the day i lift the fleece up so that light gets in the cage and the birds can see what they are doing/ Will this affect their calcium levels etc.as there is no direct sunshine How do people who house their sml parakeets (bourkes linnies etc) in sml indoor breeding cages get around the need for daylight (vit d/calc etc)
  7. Is there any chance it could be 'yolk stroke' though I guess if it was that she would not improve.
  8. Yes when you gently pressure the crop and push every so gently upwards you will hear a small pop sound and the air will deflate, if you dont the chicks feel full and stop taking food, I nearly lost a chick before I realised what was happening as it was slowly starving to death, but it would not take any further food, the air making its crop feel full. I am not saying sometimes there might not be other underlying problem for this gasisness but I would certainly keep trying ....
  9. I found such problems when hand feeding a Cockatiel chick it kept filling with air instead of food. I expressed the air gently out through the mouth and continued to feed....it was fine
  10. Does anyone know of a bird carrier based in Scotland
  11. Can anyone tell me if the Carlisle show is on this year, the date and venue, Who now runs this show??
  12. I have had two pairs of cockatiels lay in the same box, and take turns sitting and feeding , all 4 birds in and out
  13. My cockatiels are not a year old yet , but the hens usually show a black ticking on the inside of the tail feathers, sometimes, depending on the colour, it is not always visible. My flock all join in in the morning chorus, of course it is poss. that they too are thinking of breeding , the nicer the weather the louder the chorus.
  14. There is an exceptionally good avian vet in Falkirk(also Cumbernauld) Alistair Lawrie (01324 624361) The only shows that I go to are Carlisle, and then there is a coach laid on to the big Stafford shows from Glasgow.There was a show briefly at Perth but that stopped and also Harrogate that too seems to have fizzled, unless anyone knows any different. For food toys etc, it is worth visiting the shows as stuff is cheaper etc and you can bring stuff back on the coaches. For every day stuff Internet is probably the best, but might be worth searching the area , there may be some little place worth a visit..
  15. I did wonder about that, but cant see anything he could rub his neck on that could remove the feathers so completely. I even wondered if he could cause any damage with his feet, as he can reach to scratch? Maybe also he is frustrated he was very keen to breed when his partner died....
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