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  1. Here is the first picture of them together that I took. I seem unable to insert it here, so here's a link: http://www.kralici.cz/morcata/alba.asp?a=561 (Posted pic for you - Little Als Mum)
  2. Hi again, the tiels are together now and getting along fine. The male has successfully been continuing his taming - he now steps on my hand for treats. The female is slightly dominant, but that's understandable as she is older than him, and he's really only a baby. However, his presence has made her more active - she just used to sit on the perch preening herself, but now she is climbing up and down the cage with him and playing with toys. Thanks for your advice, I'm really happy for them both. It makes such a difference to have TWO birds, not just one
  3. Thanks for the replies and once again for the "bump" .... I don't mind if they are the same sex. I just don't want a lone parrot - it's so much more fun for them as well as us if there are two of them. I will bring Alkuska (the female) home tomorrow and we will see how she gets on with Ero (the lutino male). Fingers crossed!
  4. Oh I'm so sorry, this is caused by my not being a native speaker. I thought that "go bump" means that you found something wrong with my message ... ooops. Thank you instead I'd be really happy if someone could help me with this one. #-o
  5. Dear cgm, I can't understand what the problem is .... My cockatiel female knows my parents very well and is excellently looked after there, spending long days in their garden and enjoying their full attention, as they are both retired. We had to entrust her to their care anyway, as we went away for ten days to see my husband's family. The arrival of the male was planned, he's a bird raised by a very good friend and experienced breeder. We wanted our female to have a partner as soon as possible, as we don't believe in keeping single birds. Ou only problem now is whether to delay their introduction to each other a bit, or whether to go for it straight away. Sorry that my message should cause any mixed feelings ....
  6. Hello, I have a tiel which landed in our garden two months ago. It's a female and she's half-tame. Now I have brought home a male - a very young tiel that was wild first, but is taming very quickly. Only a few days ago he was flying frantically round his cage and today he has been eating from my hand. The problem is that the female is now "hollidaying" with my parents. I wanted her to meet the male only after he has become a bit tame. I am supposed to pick her up this Sunday and bring her home. My question is - will her arrival stop the taming process in the male? There are three options: a) bring her home, keep her in a separate cage for a while bring her home, let them share a cage from the start c) keep her with my parents for a bit longer to make sure the male is really tame Can you please advise me what would be best? Thank you ...
  7. Hello, I finally have a DVD version of the Spix Macaw documentary. Alemap, if you write your address, I will send it to you (I don't want any money, it's a pleasure). It's in German, but the footage speaks for itself. I can't get enough of the sight of these beautiful birds.
  8. Hello, I have recently "adopted" a young cockatiel foundling (previous owner remains unknown) and I would like to get her a mate, as I don't like single-kept birds. I think that the bird is a female ....she never sings or chatters, just whistles when agitated or bored. Plus we used to keep a cockatiel male once, and he was much more agile than this little sweetheart. I am thinking of getting another female. I have a good friend who breeds cockatiels and now has some babies in the nestbox. My question is: will two females be ok? Or is there much chance that they will fight? If the pair turn out to be male and female in the end, it will be ok too, but I would prefer a same-sex couple. If you have any experience with two tiel girls living together, I will be happy to hear it. Thanks.
  9. I will get in touch as soon as I have it ... may take some time, but I haven't forgotten.
  10. Thanks for your replies and encouragement. I will definitely be getting him a mate some time later ... I just cannot stand the sight of a lone parrot in a cage, however large. I will wait for him to settle down a bit and then I'll go mate-hunting! My husband loves the white-faced tiels, so I might go for one of them.
  11. I will never know whether he was an aviary bird or not .... however, he was eating from my hand the very first day we brought him in. So he must be used to some kind of human interaction I would guess ... but you certainly got me puzzled about whether I am doing the right thing in keeping him in a cage rather than an aviary ... :?: The weather in Czech Rep is very hot ... over 30 degrees Celsius.
  12. I tried the stick but the bird is terrified of it; on the other hand, he is getting more and more comfortable with my fingers so I will probably stick to the non-stick method As to his owner, my mother spread the word around the place she found him, but nobody has claimed him yet nor advertised for a lost bird. So at the moment he is an orphan (well, not really - he has got me!) I can clearly see him making progress - the only thing I have doubts about is whether I am doing right in keeping him in the cage until he becomes more confident in his new home. I don't want the experience of trying to get him into his cage ruin our progress. And I know that once I let him out, he will demand it daily, poor darling ... I can hardly blame him. So I remain cautious.
  13. Thank you for the replies!!!. He has not got a band on .... but then I guess in my country (Czech Republic) breeders often don't band smaller parakeets, especially tiels and budgies, which are bred here in huge numbers. I have had him for two weeks now. He is getting used to my hand inside the cage and has even touched my fingers several times. My instinct tells me to postpone his first trip out of the cage, but it is sometimes hard to see him pleading to be let out. I just must have patience and follow the "food enticing" tips. I think I know what to feed him ... in the past, I have kept budgies, Rosellas and even a Jardine's parrot (he now occupies a friend's outdoor aviary with his Jardine mate, as he turned to be an attack parrot in the home, extremely aggressive towards my baby daughter). It's just that I have never started with an older bird ... all my birds were youngsters and training them was quite easy. Do you think he will step up eventually, now that he is comfortable with my hand inside the cage? I know having an older bird bonding with you is not easy, but is there I chance??? Thanks...
  14. Hello, I have just become mum to a cockatiel foundling that landed in my mother's garden. I don't know the bird's age, but guess he is quite young. I gave him a big cage with lots of toys. He will take food from my hand but is not stepping up yet. During the day he gets agitated in the cage and whistles quite loud, making it appear that he wants to be given some out-of-cage time (he may have been an aviary bird ... I just don't know). Shall I let him out for a while even though he is not completely tame yet? I am afraid it won't be easy to get him back in. ... or shall I be a bit more patient with training? His wings are not clipped and I don't intend to clip them, as it could cause some more stress to him. Thanks ....
  15. Coming from the Czech Rep, I was able to watch it. It was absolutely amazing, seeing about 15-20 of these birds LIVE. It showed all the specimen held at Loro Parque, in the Arab Emirates, in Brazil and Germany. Plus interviews with keepers, conservationists and a man from Brazil who used to see them regularly in the wild. Sadly, the program is in German (not English) and I couldn't record it as my video had broken down, but I friend of mine has recorded it and is going to make a DVD copy for me. So once I have it, I am happy to share it, if we find a way. The language does not matter that much ... I'm sure you know the story anyway. The most important thing is seeing so many of these creatures on film.
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