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  1. Great to see you both joined, I am going to amend the title shortly to include other parrots also as I love to hear and look at anything to do with parrots in general...please come and post your piccys up of your babies I just have a soft spot for O/W 's Thanks for signing up! Lorraine x
  2. Hi everyone, an update on honey. She has calmed down a lot and no longer attacks at the slightest movement. she still has her moments but we just put that down to her being tempremental. She still hates me lol and will headbutt the cage when I go near but hey ho, you cannot win them all hee hee She is so funny, she sleeps underneath my mums jumper at night and will make some hilarious noises, especially if my brother comes in andshe is trying to sleep under the newspaper she like to have on the floor of her cage. She is a little attention seeker and craves the limelight lol!
  3. I hope I can post this here. I have succumbed to facebook and did a search for groups to do with parrots. There are not many on there so I have started the 'we love orange winged amazons' group. We need to spread the word about how wonderful all parrots are, although I have a particular soft spot for O/Ws because of my baby. Please do come and join if you are a facebook member. I have already put some piccys up of Bubba and hope that we can get loads of members. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=6515225258&ref=mf Thanks
  4. We went up to london on Saturday to watch the Tour De France. We stayed around the Hyde Park corner area and were buying some drink when we noticed a cockatiel sitting on a fence. There were hundreds of people around and everyone was watching him, trying to feed him etc. He looked tired and a bit out of sorts. At one point he flew down onto the ground stood a good chance of getting trodden on so we shooed him away. We tried to see if he was tame at all but he was understandably defensive. He was a good little flyer and fluttered around a bit, ending up on the roof of one of the advertising vans. We stayed with him and tried again to pick himup but he was having none of it. Truthly we could do little as we had no where to put him. There were other people there that tried to help. The whole of the area was closed off to any traffic so ringing the RSPCA would have proved futile. Unfortunately the little fella eventually flew off to a group of trees and we were upset that we could do nothing.Frustrating!
  5. I am so so sorry to hear about Jack...thinking of you all during this horrible and tough time. RIP Jack
  6. So sorry to hear you have lost your baby. When Bubba, our OW amazon flew away at the beginning of Feb, he managed to cover around 5 miles in 3 days before we got him back. Not sure if this is any help to you...bearing in mind the weather was pretty rough and cold when Bubba escaped and it did not improve all the time he was out. When we were hunting for Bubba we only stayed within a mile of the house so it might be worth advertising more widely? I have everything crossed that you find Jovi.
  7. What a lovely idea for a thread and I hope it can be of some comfort and reassurance to anyone out there who loses a bird. We lost Bubba at the beginning of February and he was out for 4 days. The weather was appauling and it was cold and raining for most of the time. Amazingly he turned himself in at a care home 5 miles from where he flew away. We went through all sorts of turmoil and grief whilst hunting for him...we posted hundreds of leaflets, posted up dozens of posters locally and in shops, alerted the newspapers, got the neighbours looking and trawled the streets ourselves for 3 days morning til night. Turns out a poster at the local CO OP and the kindness of a local lady who just happened to work in the carehome were the catalysts for us getting him back. He was taken to an RSPCA centre locally and we were reunited with him...I will never forget seeing him sitting in the centre and I cried with joy that we got him back. Good luck to anyone out there who has lost their bird...these parroty types are savvy creatures and I believe they will find a way to get home... Here is the Bubba thread that ran whilst he was missing https://www.parrot-link.co.uk/topic/10154-ow-amazon-missing-ashford-kent-now-safely-back-home/
  8. Ah ok...I got the wrong end of the stick there! that is a possibility..part of me thinks it is quite an unusual thing to do really.
  9. Oh wow really? Is it in Folkestone by any chance Gary? Don't suppose you could post the link...
  10. I will ring them...I have been teetering on ringing them for the past hour. Not sure why I didn't earlier...the most important thing is the bird is in a home where he will be cared for. You are so right Angel...some people just don't know how to look after a pet. Thanks everyone
  11. Hi Jasper (well Jaspers owner lol!!), yeah I am heartbroken to think that this little bird might be neglected. I will drive by there tomorrow and see if he is out. If he is then I will ring them. How can some people be so carelessthoughtless? :cry:
  12. I had to call at a house today for my job and I was shocked to see a cockatiel sitting in his cage outside the front door. It was pretty clear that no one was home and I had a look inside his cage. The water was green and did not look clean at all..there were a few pieces of nasty apple in the bars although it had a big bowl of seed. I called back at the address 2 hours later ... thinking perhaps he was only put outside on a temporary basis and sure enough, he was still sitting there although he was shouting at some crows that were sitting in the trees. Now not only is is careless to leave a bird out alone in his cage for that long but he would have had no where to shelter from the sun had it been a sunny day and rain either. A cat could have targeted the poor litte fella and knocked the cage over, some sicko could have thought it were funny to go up to the cage and taunt the bird...there are a plethora of possibilities as to what could have happened.He was left in a very vulnerable position. I drove by the house an hour ago (about quarter to nine) and was relieved to see that he had been taken in. I was tempted to call the RSPCA but was not sure...I would say he looked pretty neglected :cry: what upsets me is that they make such loving and loyal companions and this little fella will probably never get the chance
  13. We live in an end of terrace cottage and our neighbours are only there at the weekends as next door is their holiday home. They have never said anything about noise problems, in fact the guy said he likes hearing Bubba shout! Bubba is not a particularly noisy bird really; ifwe are in the house and doing something he will call for us or if he sees us coming home he callsout but he is quiet apart from that.
  14. Thanks Debs...hopefully we can track down who this bird might belong to!
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