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  1. My heart goes out to you Pip. No one could love a bird more and do so much for him as you Pip. Henry was such a lovely bird that was loved everyone who heard about him. Fly high at rainbow bridge Dear Henry. xxxxx
  2. Keeping our doors and windows closed while they are out seems an easy answer, but if it were there would not be so many birds being lost all the time. My rules are if I have visitors the birds are always in their cages, I put large signs on the doors that birds are out, even when on my own (it reminds me as well as anyone coming in). I have nets at all windows incase a window is opened and forgotten.
  3. Good luck in finding the right baby, I am sure someone will coma long who can help you.
  4. It is wonderful that he has such a caring owner. It is a privilege when birds want to feed their owners but not really that nice to receive it.
  5. Chris, Sorry you did not get as many replys as you had hoped for, Both Pottys mum and Madmudmob welcomed you within hours of your first post. A lot of people have found their new babies on this forum, The breeders on here are the best, but like all of us busy looking after birds. And a big welcome to the forum.
  6. No but you could give Steve (the owner ) a ring and ask him.
  7. Never heard of it, do you have a link?
  8. Welcome to the forum, Charlie is beautiful.
  9. Birds are not normally counted as pets like cats and dogs, A cockatiel is so small and not noisy I can not see why there would be a problem. Welcome to the forum.
  10. A happy very happy birthday Roz, I hope you get everything you want. xxxxx
  11. Welcome to the forum. it will be great to see pictures of your new baby and hear all about him.
  12. Welcome to the forum. I have often found that as birds get older they change regarding the person in their life, so it might well be that as Ozzy gets older he will go to you more. He looks a wonderful baby.
  13. We do get birds in that have less problems, I would say read up (there is tons of info on here) on first the changes you might need to make in your home to be able to offer a bird a safe home, No teflon pans, no air fresheners,perfume and chemical cleaners, Do you have small children that might leave doors open ? dogs or cats that might scare or jump up at the bird, are you home during the day etc. We as a rescue do not clip wings, do not like birds being the only bird in your home especially if you are out a lot. We have a duty of care both to the birds and to the people that hand their birds into us, to ensure the bird gets the very best of care. You can visit www.parrotcareinfoforum.com to talk to people that already have birds from us and get information on how to become a foster carer.
  14. We do have them Net. the NPZ for a start. no one would want their birds to go there, unless they did not care, and Debs did care for her birds so much.
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