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  1. With a lot of fiddling around I managed to resurrect Margaretann so I shall dispose of madbird.I still cant post in Soapbox or anything, I must be doing something wrong as it was so easy at one time. I live in Warwickshire with 3 Greys, a Jardine and a Jenday plus some small birds in the aviary.
  2. Just a reminder that the "Birds lost and found" site is still out there for you to use. The address is http://birdsgoneastray.atspace.com If you have a bird web site it would be nice if you could put a link for me. Just mail me from the site
  3. I have decided to start a site just for lost and found birds in the UK.I hope I am not stepping on anybody's toes by doing this but the more places these adverts appear the more chance there is of a bird being returned to its owner.Here is the address.http://birdsgoneastray.atspace.com/ If you want to spread the word that would be great. Thanks for reading this. 8-[
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