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  1. Can anyone help ? I haven't done this before ,always used Avianbiotech. A little concerned about sticking feathers with adhesive tape to the form? does anyone know the postage from the Uk? any info would be gratefully received, not to sure how to order.
  2. My two greys do the same. When I ask hubby if he wants a cuppa, one shouts cup of coffee and the other says and a biscuit. They do cheer up a day with their funny sayings.
  3. Hi, I cancelled my paypal account last year as I only ever used it once. I will give Marion W a pm , thanks for all your help.
  4. Could do, sending a cheque might be easier, please give me details who to make payable to and where to send.
  5. Tried again to pay this morning,filled in the request form to pay buy credit card, when I click on agree and continue button at the bottom it comes up with, my paypal account expired but can pay by opening an account,this is at the top of the form. I don't really want a paypal account,just to pay by credit card. HELP.
  6. Have tried several times to pay for trader membership as mine has just expired. Haven't got pay-pal and been trying to pay by credit card,submits the request but I still don't seemed to have paid. Help!
  7. The show is on 12th September, still run by the Solway/Scottish Parrot & Fb Club. The venue is Harrison &Hetherington Borderway Mart, Rosehill Industrial Est. Carlisle. Just off M6 junction 43. Any enquiries please contact Robbie on 01900 822136.
  8. How are the chicks doing,how many did you get? Any pics Matty?
  9. Well done Matty, keep us posted.
  10. I have a friend who has to move back to S.Africa,she has two parrots which she wants to take with her. Any one have any info on doing this, and the cost of flying them out ,any info grateful.
  11. Hi, Denton Pets are breeders,also buy birds in,never heard any complaints about them. I know Carl,a very nice chap.
  12. Yes, your are right ,there is a shortage of parent reared birds.If you loose a bird it is very difficult to replace it.I looked for nearly two years for a Senegal hen,luckly found one now,my cock bird went crazy when he saw her,three eggs in the nest now. Been looking for a female Grey for a few months ,no luck yet.
  13. Hi, I have used Tony Joliffe recently,based in Kent but covers all the country.His mobile no. is 07971523848, a very nice chap,bird man himself.He picked the bird up from me in Cumbria and delivered to Oxford next day.Hope you get sorted
  14. Hi Marcus,Sorry to hear Calla hasn't been very well. I put Baytril in a grape,use the syringe to inject into the grape or any of her favourite treats.
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