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  1. fannyann

    Olly Coptor, RIP

    Sad, I'm sure he had the best and a good life while living with you, you gave him 6 special years I'm sure
  2. Hi calley, yes greenwings are very strong, and when you get one that is destructive( they aren't all destructive ?) you need a very very good cage, I recommend the double nova but I would contact Scarlett at scarlettsparrotessentials.co.uk and ask her advice, she has lots of macaws and knows more about cages better than most.
  3. fannyann

    Advice for Monty please

    In regards to disinfecting the avairy, very good point , I would initially power wash it then give it a good scrub with F10 , in a high solution as stated on the bottle, then just use it at normal dilution. F10 is a wonderful product , readily available via mail order from scarlettsparrotessentials or northern parrots
  4. fannyann

    Advice for Monty please

    It is indeed a good time of year now to get him acclimatised, and yes the extra benefits of all that natural light will have a beneficial effect. It would be good if your husband can keep up the contact with monty as he is his preferred human friend. I would see how it goes, greys take a while to get used to change so initial small periods outside is the way to go. If he has a couple of fav toys put those out with him, as with greys don't introduce new toys as they just don't seem to cope with all those changes. Will he see the human activity too, is the aviary near the house as these things will reassure him. Make sure that the aviary mesh is strong enough as you are converting a small bird aviary, I would recommend nothing less than 14gauge for a grey. Partially cover the roof too so he has protection from both the sun and rain, and perhaps make him a little shelter to get in , like a 3 sided nest box with a perch inside but no bottom, do as not yo encourage him to go into breeding mode. You will begin to know if he's a happy chap out there and take it in slow steps. Regards the introduction of another there is never a guarantee that any two birds will get on but this will be easier to do inside rather than outside.
  5. fannyann


    You can give a dog a antihistamine if they get stung, helps immediately.
  6. Yep, mum has 3 babies in the nest box?
  7. Yep, hopefully hatching this week?
  8. I've recently insured birds with golden valley so yes they are still taking on new clients, they operate from the same office as exotic direct so when you ring you have to ask for quote from both company's . It depends on the cover you want, mine are insured for vet fees only ,not death and they were very reasonable.
  9. fannyann

    How do I rehome?

    Have a look at "avi calm " you can only get it from the states but I have some, you only need a small amount, may help with aggressiveness . Let me know I can send some to you
  10. fannyann

    Baby macaw dead

    It's a bit small for macaws, have a look on eBay , there's a brinsea 50 for sale for a good price
  11. fannyann

    Baby macaw dead

    There's nothing more to add, sounds like the parents can do their job very well.
  12. fannyann

    Baby macaw dead

    Just looked at your previous posts earlier this year, what did you do with that chick that the birds had on that occasion, march/April time?
  13. fannyann

    Baby macaw dead

    Firstly if you haven't handreared before and the parents are feeding the chick then I would let the parents continue doing their job. However not knowing the parents history it is difficult to advise, if they have become accustomed to having their chicks removed at a certain age then they may stop feeding it, however if they are first time parents as long as they are feeding it then consider leaving well alone. If you are going to handrear then I would get a fresh bag of formula and yes a proper brooder, have a look at the brinsea ones. You will need to control the temp more accurately than you can with a box and light bulb.
  14. fannyann

    Baby macaw dead

    I would think it was the parents, some only rear one chick and will kill others when they hatch. Also the size difference would mean that the parents would favour the big chick. It is a difficult choice to make when they have chicks again in the future, to either leave well alone or remove a chick and handrear it, if you decide to go down that path you must be aware of the work that is involved of rearing a chick so young, and if possible take the bigger/older chick and let the parents concentrate on the young one.