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  1. Hey all, Just wanted a few opinions really as im a bit stumped as to whether she is or is not? Some of you may know I purchased a gorgeous pair of B&G's some months ago. Around 5/6 weeks ago they were getting quite friendly with each other so that weekend I put in a nest box for them. I think it was roundabout a week after I noticed them showing a reasonable amount of interest in it. any how; id say around 2 weeks later i started noticing a few differences in teh hens behaviour as she became more territorial and her deposits were really blobby and gooey. they started chewing more and more purchase etc etc. any way an this point i was ecstatic, for me this was a given; she was going to lay. so i started feeding them more and tried to keep noise around their quarters to a minimal. the all of a sudden about 2 weeks ago nothing. It all stopped bar the aggression. no nest box activity no slimy lumps of poo. Two days ago when I went off to close their light I couldn’t see the Hen but I thought I would just leave them be. In the morning when I went to feed them again no female and suddenly I saw her head pop out pf the box hole., she came striding across to me squawking her little head off; She never went cack all day. again today same thing head pops out in the morning and she haven’t been back all day. Now I know there’s so much to read on breading but I just wanted to know what I should or shouldn’t do. or the patterens you guys have with your Macaws if you breed them. I can feel she’s very nervous and I just feel this could be a hit and miss. Iv barred everyone going anywhere near their quarters including the gardener. I feed them twice a day, once at 7 in the morning and 5 in the evening Ow one more thing which I nearly forgot. Recently she’s been dipping as if to relive herself but doesn’t. Should I be worried. Away from that they both seem in perfect order.
  2. me too. hmmm shuga cane fancy some myself:-) I grow my own chillies thought in the summer i am litrally over run to the point where i have to distribute all vegies too all naighbours and they lov it.
  3. hi all, long hard da at work! :x Seems the ultra sonic things are a waste of time for the outdoors so it will just have to stock up on glue traps. They only cost me a £1 a pack and you get 2 pad sticky things from the £ shop. It did take me a while to pluck up the courage and pick it up, eew! But so far 1 sticky pad 2 mice. I just laid 2 more traps in different areas now so see what that brings. Hopefully that’s the end of the problem, for the time being anyway
  4. Thanks all for your posts. I ended up buying a variety of traps for mice and rats but the glue traps seem to have been most effective. Ow it wasn’t rats as iv caught 2 mice. I hope this is the end of the problem, though I do feel this may be a long term reoccurring problem as I do live in a green area on the edge of London. Im planning on getting one of those high pitch noise mechanisms; any recommendations?
  5. thanks all for your replys guys im on the case. Im actually really worried but iv got a frind round to help me make a make-shift aviary in the stables. went and brought som traps today and seting em up as we speak. thanks all. oww any recomendations on traps for rats apart from my neighbours shot gun!
  6. Thanks LAM, I guess i need to do some shopping tomorrow. both pairs I have seem quite shook up. normally at feeding time they attack me, no response today! and the greys havent eaten all day and thats where I saw the droppings. :-(
  7. Yep, small little droppings in the aviary! I no there are a few threads shomwhere however cant seem to find em. can anyone direct me or advise me on any possible solutions? Thanks
  8. Hey, Just went on the site as i do need some bits, however I cant seem to find any products to buy. Am missing a trick here?
  9. hi, guys me again. For those of you who haven’t heard mu bellowing iv had a pair of greys (8 days) and a pair of B&G's (7 Days). Both pairs are a god send. Perfect in feather and temperament and very healthy looking birds though there has been a few feathers dropped by the caws in the last two days but keeping an eye on that. Any way since iv had the greys I have only seen the female 3 times out of the eight days which was the first two days and then they found the nest box and since then the last time was yesterday bout half hour after I put their evening meal in. My initial inclination was its due to her being nervous of new surroundings etc, etc. Today morning i creep to the aviary and hear both of them quietly chatting (I think!) in the nest box. Unfortunately though I have attached all the cameras I have bought I did not actually connect them thinking I will do it this week. However I don’t really want to wade in there creating too much noise and scaring them if she in or going to be laying eggs. Is it possible and I hope it is, for them to be laying so quickly after a stressful move??? I have started adding a few drops of Calcivet for rejuvenation of calcium if she has. Ow also they have torn apart a few of the branches which i so carfully landscaped for them, considerably more than what I thought they would. All these are positive signs towards the end result but just the timing, or lack of it is kinda throwing me off. I have bread a pair of African greys before but that took around 7 months after I had them not 7 days. The most obvious thing to do is check the nest box however I am trying to refrain from this as I don’t want any disturbance if she is going too nor do I want egg smashing if she has as the Cock legs it in the box now whenever I go near and its not an L shaped box! Has any one else had such a quick experience with greys? Should I check the box given the fact the male leaps in there too? If I do and she hasn’t laid will it put her off???
  10. ow by the way am actually more excited than what I sound.
  11. Thanks for the swift response. Excellent! Concrete seems to be the prefered choice of flooring. This is Excellent because that is what I have. However I diddent really want to go in and out of the aviaries too often to keep cleaning and thought the chipping would absorb the moisture from the poop and stuff. Or am i being over paranoind about upsetting. OK im dearing to turn this thread to somthing different How Often do you enter your aviary to clean up? or for that mated for anything the main reason I am concerned about entering to often is because every time my greys see me they srarper into the nest box. If i enter to often im scared it will frighten the living daylights out of them. iv only had them for 4 days so havent had much time with them to asses.
  12. Howdy all, Firstly I wanted to share with the world I have that I have finally have my beautiful pair of B&G macaws settling in and must than Macaw Mad again for the introduction to the lovly lady who previously owned them :wink: ; fell completely in love with them as soon as I saw them and I don’t think I stood a chance of not taking them home once laying eyes on them . I think it was David Attenborough a very many year ago who first introduced me to them complements from the BBC at around 7pm, I believe it was on a weekday evening whilst sitting in my granddads lap. Alas a childhood fantasy finally come to life. I can go on and on....... My main purpose for this thread as can be seen on the title was to find out what material is being used at the bottom of your aviaries? Wood Chippings is probably the obvious one and is what i am looking for at the moment but can’t seem to find anyone locally to purchase from. A calculated assumption tells me it has to be untreated and a £4.99 bag from B&Q won’t do the trick, it being treated anall. Does any one know any suppliers around the London/Essex area? I don’t even mind purchasing in bulk if it can be delivered in bales as I do have the storage space, however it has to be a reasonable amount and obviously a reasonable price. Any help would be much appreciated
  13. Thanks David, Just the reply I was looking for. I absolutly love the silver birch and planted 8 new ones this year in my garden and to be able to have it in my Aviary has made me a happy chappy. I was going to use wood from B&Q bur now i will enjoy the landscaping. I guess I wil have to disinfect it tomorrow any recomendations on what I shuld use?
  14. Hi All. Just getting my self prepared for Friday for when i go and collect my new breeding pair of Greys and then Saturday when I go to collect the B&G macaws. Was getting all the perches in the Aviary ready when I came across some really good off cuts from one of my silver Birch trees. I have been on the net and finding conflicting views on Birch although most say it is safe. However the one I have is Silver Birch this is the one with white paper bark. Does any one no if this is suitable for parrots?
  15. Thanks for your replies. In terms of gauge im not too sure but i can say it is solid. i had to snip 2 of the wires to allow guttering to go through (which is on the outside of the aviary) and it took me quite some time to get thought them. a calculated guess would be between 12-14. I have however put metal sheeting on the bottom half of the panels so vermin would find it very difficult to get in; but im assuming that a sparrow would be able to fit through quite easily. Im pretty sure a b&g wouldn’t be able to get through and im pretty doubtful that a med-large cockatoo wouldn’t but i recon i will have to get smaller mesh for anything the size of a Grey. I opted to do it this way as the panels’ I gave brought when joined together make a solid structure. Weather and the fact that my electrics keep tripping have slowed me down a bit but all going well Saturday should see completion bar nest boxes which I still need to construct or buy. HUZ
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