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  1. Net

    r.i.p. merlin

    So sorry to hear that, he'll be running free and happy now.
  2. Net


    Aw what a shame Debs. Will you be getting a new girl for Brucie? As for the intruder kitty buy a super soaker, a good drench will shoo him away.
  3. Net

    Parrot holiday care

    Not sure of the geography up there but Wings of Hope does boarding.
  4. Rose did the swallows move into their new box?
  5. Lovely to see you again and of course fantastic news about your son. Look forward to seeing your new baby.
  6. Net


    They're back here, I've noticed a few circling over the garden.
  7. Net

    RIP Wee Jock

    Aw sorry to hear this.
  8. Net

    Re: aspergillosis

    Oh thats awful news. I hope the treatment starts to kick in. Are you nebulising him at home?
  9. Net


    I haven't seen any here yet either but I think its usually mid May before we do. We've had one lot of blackbirds fledge already. Mr and Mrs Dove have two babies in their nest.
  10. Net


    None here yet and they've never nested under our eaves which we certainly wouldn't mind. I caught one of our neighbours about to power wash a part built nest off his house! Lets say the nest stayed there We do however have Mr and Mrs Dove nesting on the security light bracket again. Just next to our bedroom window..... the 4.30am cooing is taking it a bit much though!
  11. I guess Bobo is wondering whats happened. Pity that wherever he went didn't keep up his good diet. What is he eating now? Or was at his temporary lodgings - would he eat while you're eating? Maybe you have some of what you want him to eat and you eat (or pretend) to. I guess its just persevering and trying fruit in different sized pieces etc. I also believe that discoloured feathers can be indicative of liver problems in amazons. Maybe a health check at the vets? Also has he been having regular baths? That will help him look and feel better. A photo of him currently might assist.
  12. If you're getting one from Mairi you'll have a lovely baby. A little monster but lovely nonetheless
  13. Net

    Home needed for female Vos - Urgent

    Sad to hear about the change in her personality. Maybe send a message to Caron on here, she might be able to help. It would be awful if she ended up in the wrong hands.
  14. Net

    Merlin and Charlie

    Proof to show that your persistence has paid off with Charlie. With luck she'll realise that this stepping malarkey is actually a good thing.
  15. Net

    How do I rehome?

    What will you do if there's any eggs Sam? Milli and Farky and uncle and niece aren't they?