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  1. How about a Java tree and hang a few birdy safe baubles on it......will make for happiness all round!
  2. I have two Fischer's Lovebirds 'Venus' and 'Apollo'. They are a lovely little bonded pair and do what Lovebirds do best, cudddling and kissing as well as shrieking and playing. We moved house a month ago and I changed their cage to a slightly smaller one height wise but the same width wise. They live indoors and I provide them with toys, a fresh bath every day which they love, plenty of variety of foods although they only really like millet, Cockateil mix and Apples. Venus has always pecked Apollo's head a little but has started plucking out his feathers and the poor boy is beginning to look dreadful. I never see her do it, she is very bossy to him though. They still cuddle and kiss and I would hate to seperate them as they would pine I am sure. i have tried new toys and foods, moved the cage, left radio on when out.... running out of ideas except that maybe they need a different cage. I haven't had them out of the cage much before as they tended to panic and bash into things. I will put them in an outdoor avairy cage in the summer. I love them and want the best for them, they do seem very happy but Apollo is beginning to go bald on top. Any advice would be gratefully accepted.
  3. Hello everyone, We are moving to a smaller, rented, terrraced house in 10 days time and taking 'Squonk' the 18 month old CAG and my two little Fischer's 'Venus' and 'Apollo'. I am getting concerned as Squonk especially has found his voice and could break the sound barrier with his squeals and shrieks.... I think he does it mainly fo attention and to be let out as he is much quieter then. I have him out an awful lot but need him to be in his house when I need to get a job done as he does like to 'help!' I will also be at work some of the time. Does anybody have any handy hints of how to keep him a bit quieter whilst not spoiling one second of his little life? I am concerned that the walls will be a lot thinner there. I wonder if maybe he is quieter when I am not here. He is talking well now and can imitate every sound on his Birdy Babble Ball but the squealing is intense. He has new toys reguarly and lots of treats so is not bored hopefully. Thanks for reading this..... Wendy
  4. Great news Val !I talk to all my pets all day too, just a running commentary of what I am up to combined with a bit of singing and dancing (badly). I suffer from depression on and off and so it does help to cheer me up too. Squonk my CAG is only eighteen months old but has a big vocabulary already, I wonder if it is because I never shut up? Love and hugs to you both X
  5. Squonk is the same, we have had his new stand for weeks now. I put it on the arm of the sofa next to where I sit to keep him off my laptop but he hates it and no amount of food, toys, bribery works. I will have to sell it, but he adores sitting on the laptop..... good idea, I will find an old broken laptop and give it to him instead!
  6. My 18 month old CAG learnt to say his first 'Hello' properly the other day. My heart melted.... he hasn't stopped since. It was so sweet yesterday, I was having an afternoon nap as I felt a bit poorly. Squonk was perched on my shoulder whilst I was asleep, I don't sleep soundly so no fear of rolling and squashing him by the way! He just st there patiently like a little sentry on guard and I was roused by him saying 'Hello' right in my ear......so funny and touching. He is so amazing he goes around on my shoulder all the time, we are joined at the hip! Am I extremely blessed to have such a loving bird or is this quite the norm with young CAGs?
  7. I did something really, really stupid on Sunday. I was in the bathroom with Squonk, the CAG. He was mucking about while I cleaned. I put what I thought was toilet cleaner in the toilet bowl and it was bleach so, and here's the really stupid bit, I put some loo cleaner in as well only to watch it start to bubble up. The fumes were awful and I realised I had to quickly get Squonk out of there. Normally he hops onto my hand when he is in the bathroom but he decided to play me up by flying around so I couldn't catch him. I couldn't even open the window in case he escaped and I started to panic,I was probably screeching at him which made it all the worse. At last I managed to get him out and take him downstairs, into fresh air. Thank the Lord he is fine and seemed unharmed. I felt sick and had a headache. Apparently I had managed to make Chlorine Gas! Everybody I know has said they knew it was dangerous, I feel very foolish now but so relieved my little Squonk wasn't harmed.
  8. Thanks.... I had alook at the link and it's quite scary.... green seems to indicate liver damage? As the day goes on his poops are smaller little green and white dollops like traditional bird poop. A happier, livelier little boy would be hard to find, he has just flown around screeching as usual!I get so paranoid about them all! x
  9. Squonk is our 18 month old CAG. He seems to wait until I let him out every day to poop and then does an enormous poopy splat like green porridge usually, as he just has done. Is this norma?. I give him a mixed diet of seed, fruit and and veg and the last thing he ate early this morning was Pomegranate. He seems very healthy and has just flown around screeching as usual. :shock:
  10. We love cherries too but Squonk loves Pomegranates more and they are really messy too, he always wipes his beak on me afterwards as he hates it being wet.... how I love that boy!
  11. I bought a lovely table top stand for my boy a few days ago. The intention is to put it on the arm of the sofa so he uses it instead of sitting on the laptop when I am using it and pulling it to bits. He is terrified of it still however... I have put delicious food in the bowls, tied nuts and bolts and beads around it and have kept it on my lap in the evenings whilst gently calling him.... no chance! He does like his new Birdie Babble Ball though... not sure we will though! I imagine he will get used to the stand in time (I hope) :?
  12. Hello everyone. I have great trouble in being left alone to comb my wet hair after a bath or shower as Squonk the CAG insists on preening it for me. I usually manage to let him do a bit and then I fininsh it off. This is then followed by the blow drying process which consists of him refusing to move off my head so he can share the warm air which in turn is combined with a series of joyful whoops and whistles. I used to get a few whistles myself, don't anymore..... wonder if it's because of my (more unusual these days) hairstyle! :roll:
  13. Today was funny.... it was major cage cleaning day and Squonk my CAG was trying to help. He decided to try and get into the Fischer Lovebird cage when my back was turned... my goodness, Venus the hen bird gave him a run for his money pecking at him and shouting, he in turn tried to look cute by putting his head down to her for a scritch. Looked like david and Goliath, my word that girl has attitude, she is so tiny compared to him as well, meanwhile Apollo, the cock bird, just looked confused!
  14. Thanks for the nice replies. If I have a bath I put a flannel on my sticking out tummy and Squonk likes a paddle, I have to make sure it's not too hot, either that or he stays on my shoulder and flies off when I need to wash my hair, how I adore that bird!
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