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  1. Lineolated parakeets had come up in searches, read that page a couple of times, I'm looking for a longer lifespan though (want a long term companion), pionus, Senegal & green cheek conure are what I'm researching at the moment (come across a few sites saying Quakers are noisy, talking is a potential perk, not an expectation). I'm probably gonna be quiet on the site just lurking and reading for a while, got plenty time for research, and plenty research to do.
  2. Contradictions were for same birds, different sources. Some for example say sengals make good first time parrots, others say better suited intermediate owners. Some say Quakers are quiet, others that they're noisy. Found one site expressing the excellence of pionus parrots (blue headed looked promising in temperament), then can't find any books on them for more in-depth information. I know a lot is a matter of opinion, just looking for opinions of people who live with birds every day instead of info that might be generalised or out of date. I'm looking for a bird that can entertain itself - or play in same gender pairs - while mum and me are out of her shifts overlap my working hours, but at the same time is happy to interact with us when one or both are there for it/them. Working in a school means I have plenty holiday time and every weekend off, but also means my hours take up a lot of the day - seems especially in winter - though I could rearrange my routine so the time I now read or play game a (time fillers) was redirected to a pet.
  3. Sorry, kindle's spell check decided 'vivarium' was supposed to be 'vocation', I didn't notice before hitting post. I'm mostly looking for general information at the moment to help choose a species to concentrate my research on. I live with my mum because I would struggle to run a house / flat of my own (wouldn't know what to do about different bills and taxes on my own so I pay 'rent' that covers my share of house costs and all the rest) but she needs 2 adult wages to run the house efficiently. It's mum's house and she's said no aviary in the back garden (or front) so would have to be an indoor bird, something suited to cage living (with out time at least in evenings and weekends). One thing that draws me to parrots is longer lifespan (I've had a gerbil, guinea pigs, a corn snake and cats and short lived pets break my heart), I've finished Uni and finally got a permanent job so financially stable enough to think about a pet / companion I've wanted since we pet sat a budgies for a week when I was about thirteen. As for Luna (my leopard gecko) I do get her out and interact with her, but due to being a reptile she needs more time in her viv with her heat mat. She's very tolerant of my handling and quiet likes climbing to my shoulder when she's out but I wouldn't have her and a bird out at the same time, that's why I said she doesn't affect my decision too much.
  4. Hi, I don't actually have birds at the moment (mum used to say no way, she's coming round though, fairly sure I can have her on side by time I'm ready - few years yet), so the name is a description of me; I'm Arthritic, Autistic, Asexual (A.A.A. for short - I think it's a joke most of the time). To me mostly means I can't walk a dog daily, find human relationships much more difficult than animals (Asperger's Syndrome, a form of higher functioning autism, I can look after a pet but social situations with fellow humans aren't my strong point) and I'm not interested in starting a human family (so I'll only ever be a fur / scale / feather mum). I'm interested in birds (well most animals, but small to medium parrot species especially for a few years) but determined to know what I'm getting into first. Really joining up to get pro / experienced opinions of different species & types of parrot to figure which might suit our home. I'm not looking immediately as I have a cat (10 year old Jaffa - not mixing him with a parrot, he's see toy, parrot would see threat), a leopard gecko (housed in a vocation so no real impact on the decision) and mum's still on the fence (and it is her house even if I pay rent). More fact finding first cos online care sheets only go so far and contradict each other for some birds.
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