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  1. Also to bear in mind that she has reached her "adulthood" and hormones will be kicking in. Conures do love the company of others so do consider on getting her a playmate. Another female would be best if you don't want them to breed.
  2. I breed and handrear and parent rear different mutations of celestial parrotlets. They have great personalities and enjoy playing! It sounds to me that the £20 for a parrotlet will probably be a parent reared.
  3. I also think you're doing the right thing in looking for another breeder. Try and find one more local to you so you can visit and bond with your baby.
  4. Thats how l clean mine too Net, but l put mine in the airing cupboard for a few hours to dry out.
  5. I would assume that the breeder had n autopsy done to discover it was liver failure. You could ask to see the report for yourself.
  6. I think someone is getting the parroty bug.
  7. I both parent and hand rear my parrotlets - all of my past customers who have bought my hand-reared are delighted with them. Of course they all have different charactors but on the whole are very loving, willfull little souls. I dare say you could tame a parent reared to become hand tame- but as with any bird its down to their feelings. The plus side l guess with these little fellows is that their bite isn't so nasty as with the bigger birds.
  8. Hi Stephie, All my parrotlets eat the cockatiel mixture along with millet as a treat. They also love fruit and veg (personally l find they prefer small chopped pieces to large ones) Defrosted mixed veg is a good choice. Also soaked and cooked pulses are devoured too. Tell your neighbour to persist with the fresh food in case its not familiar with it. :wink: Tell her to get in touch with me if she needs to.
  9. Email me direct please Lisa as there's nothing showing up in my pm's.
  10. Have you come to any decision about the timneh cock yet Leigh ?
  11. Me too June...all bottles of jam are crammed full of wasps ane flys
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