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  1. Hello, I would really appreciate any advice. We have a Green Cheeked Conure (nearly 4 years old). This Christmas we plan to but her in a boarding place near my partner's family. She has never boarded before. My partner has visited the place and all seems fine and the lady nice etc. But we are still very worried about leaving her. The lady she is boarding with is experienced and also takes on rescue birds. She has told us that our bird must stay there for 1 week minimum over Christmas. Our Green Cheeked Conure will be in a cage whe whole time and not let out at all. Although she will be able to see other birds. My question is, will she be ok and happy like this? Or will the whole experience be traumatic for her? My partner works from home, so our parrot isn't often left on her own very often. Most of the time she is free to fly around. So we are concerned that being in a cage for 6 days, without us around could distress her. We would really appreciate any advice on whether you think she will be ok or not. Thanks in advance.