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  1. Hi I tried to reply to Stormbirds topic, but there is no reply to topic available for some reason. I think given a bit of time it may well pick up hopefully.I know a lot of people have given up with the birds on the breeding side but just as many have bought new pets. Fingers crossed lol.
  2. Seeing a few names from the past lol. Nice to be back, I've have a pretty quiet year also. Greys clear eggs ,Maxi's clear eggs, Sennies Dis Lets hope things pick up for the next rounds.
  3. Nice to see its back. I think I was the 3/5 member back in 2003 well done lets keep it going.
  4. Hi Mike if it was only that simple lol
  5. Hi I put it down to the weather .the birds tend to know more than we do. Sennies since November three clutches two clutches they let two chick die not fed out of the first two clutches ,currently on three eggs. Greys three clutches all dis last clutch removed eggs for incubation and currently have three chick at two weeks old.Yellow crowns on three eggs .Maxi's treading well and getting aggressive. Blue fronts on the way .
  6. There are two types of D.E make sure you get the human grade i believe it is different.
  7. Hi .i think i was no 5 long time ago lol Weaning has not changed much obviously all softfood as normal but Animalzone do a pretty decent weaning food. I have tried all of their pellets and most readily taken apart from the muesli
  8. Hi June . The baby looks quite well to be honest ,Try not to worry to much as you say we looks quite normal when sat up. Cags can be so slow compared top others when developing. I have just been looking back at some of my pics and there is not alot of difference when sat up to mine.
  9. Hi June Glad the baby is ok, I agree about keeping the thread on topic another topic could be started to discuss imprinting and the like. As you say the baby could take more formula the general rule of thumb being 10% body weight to formula and the at three weeks around be on five feeds per day if you where to give an eight hour break through the night.If the chick is gaining then this is all that you need to aim for and carry on as you are until you think the stomach goes down . I always think a 3/4 week Grey reminds me of one of those toy clowns from days gone by that had a big round bottom that always righted itself when you knocked it over lol.
  10. Thanks for the updated research June. 80 year old research is well outdated no doubt Greg is consulting his reference books . i have prs of birds that were handreared and are breeding birds both Hens and *****, as to being reared from the egg i do not know but handreared. How is the baby today. He sounds to be ontrack. At about three weeks i have had babies between 215/235 grm . He will pile the weight on from now i would think .
  11. Now we have the Gregs sermon out the way. If this chick was left with its parents it would of more than likely have been left to die. At least whatever June is doing is giving it a chance. Mike is spot on with his help so go with him, no more to be said really good luck .
  12. Another thing is get wrapped up if it cold because the place is freezing.but as Fannyann says Rosemead will be there .Might be others there to help you out .
  13. Was the winter solstice (the shortest day) not on Thursday the 22nd
  14. Hi Melly 3/4 ply would be fine you might get 12 months out of it lol if you can put asteel angle on the corners it will protect it a bit ,Around 24" high x12"x12" should be fine they will tend to use anything tho even boot type Good luck
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