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  1. My own intake of fruit and veg have gone up, since I got oyster, what ever I eat she eats :twisted:
  2. http://www.canineproducts.co.uk/
  3. Does anyone know where to purchase raw unprocessed rice? I am in process of making my own soak mix,tried health shops, supermarkets and ect without any luck, been searching on google to find out only over 5kg bags are sold. Thanks
  4. Is it true, a 2yrs 10 months healthy one, should be weighting between 450g-500g?
  5. That's the one,smells lovely, the way she uses her tongue to take the feed from my fingertip,it's the way she does very cute
  6. Been ages since I've made a post, as work commitments :cry: zooplus seed is the one my Oyster prefers,the mint smelly one
  7. Hello David, Can you please send me a sample? :roll:
  8. Thanks David received last of order,yesterday It was nice talking to you. Noz you will get your order David is flat out, it's worth waiting a while cause it's all quality stuff
  9. Moore park, my boyfriend has that quote in his sig on his forums!!! thats a coincidence! Properly He decided to share my sig :shock:
  10. I even am confused :? ,some say no and yes,surly In the wild their cousins must be munching away garlic,all we need Is someone living in Central Africa who is a Grey lover to confirm this. I give Oyster one small clove once a wk :wink:
  11. If I known I would have given you the free one to you ,as I gave It to this lovely OAP who was in the queue,as It had sale by date End Feb 2007. Sorry :wink:
  12. Asian food store sales them. Have you tried Tesco's, got palm oil from there, buy one get one free @ £1.99
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