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  1. Chuckle Chuckle I'll bet everyone has had this problem of errant birds not wanting to return to their cages for whatever reason. Of course you can look at any obvious problems as suggested. However, as I have found it works for mine, my solution is normally to exercise the the little darlings. A few flights up and down the living room and not letting them rest on their normal perching places for those few minutes and mine are soon ready for retirement and their food. Mind you - after running round and round after them I am exactly the same....lol. Bob :wink:
  2. This looks pretty good and functional: http://www.petspantry.tv/acatalog/travel-parrot-cage.html Bob :wink:
  3. Try these custom bird cages: http://www.woodenbirdcages.net/ Bob
  4. Hi When I noticed that unusual smell from 2 amazons, following advice found on this forum, I purchased a quality air filter and this cured the problem. Fresh food is always served in a metal dish as these are easy to clean and unlike the plastic dishes will not discolour or absorb any unpleasant odours. Bob :wink:
  5. Hi I think this is a classic case of a hand reared bird looking at you as the flock leader. When you introduced the new bird the resident bird reverted to its natural instinct to be the flock leader. As Greg suggested, if you separate them Babo may revert to accepting you as the dominant one again. Then, over a period of time, you may be able to bring Folio into your "flock". Bob :wink:
  6. True Millie I have used newspaper for years. I agree always gives them something intellectual to crap on. Used to make me laugh seeing pictures of various politicians with droppings strategically placed.............lol. Bear in mind though you should always give them the odd lefty rag to read (or whatever) thereby allowing them a balanced opinion. LOL :wink: Bob
  7. Hi I am the first to admit I know the square root of zero about treating cuts but I honesty believe leaving any cuts to the fresh air is best. The problem with using any grease based substance is if there is the slightest bit of dirt/bacteria in the wound it only traps it in and it tends to exacerbate the problem. Obviously if any wound is flowing action is required; however, I am not certain any grease based substance is the answer. I am sure there are more experienced individuals out there who will put me right. Regards Bob
  8. Sue Whenever I buy a new object for the cage I tend to leave it, still in the wrapping, on a table in full sight whilst the birds are still in their cages. After a brief period of time I then unwrap it in front of them. You can just see they are bursting to have a look and investigate. Maybe if you try it several times this may work for your CAG. :wink: Bob
  9. Peas are good. Every couple of weeks I put a couple of spoonfuls of frozen peas with a similar amount of frozen sweetcorn into a cup with a dribble of water and then cover in cling film. Heat for 2 minutes in the microwave. Drain any excess water, mix with a spoonful of seeds and, hey presto, a meal fit for any discerning parrot. :wink: Bob
  10. Reading this made me chuckle. I remember I had this "brilliant" idea - put my strawberry planter in the aviary - this would keep it nice and safe from all the usual predators...............lol. The strawberry plants never did produce fruit - those pesky birds ate all the flowers before they had a chance to develop. I felt like a real lark...a pill - lark.........lol :wink: Bob
  11. I have enough perches/poles to change them around on a 3 week cycle. Each week the layout and all the toys and perches are moved to a different position. Some perches may look too big or even too small; most of them are of different shapes, textures and sizes. The birds spend their time negotiating the difficult ones, resting on the comfortable ones and pecking at those that they can peck at. They never seem to complain and we don't seem to have to clip their nails. :wink: Bob
  12. Try this link: http://www.zooplus.co.uk/shop/birds/snacks_and_supplements :wink: Bob
  13. I see the topic of teflon appears again. If you have reasonable quality saucepans and do not let your food boil dry it should be quite safe. To be honest with you if I am cooking I have the birds safely away in their cages and I am then able to open a window. Top tip - Lots of paint manufacturers use teflon especially in their super tough paint; however, as I wrote to them and asked, Dulux confirmed their paint does not contain teflon. :wink: Bob
  14. They seem to be on the ball - had a reply already: "Hello, Thank you for contacting us. We will be glad to send your flock samples of our diets. We will also include our catalog with info. We hope your birds enjoy! Best wishes, Kristy Lafeber Co" :wink: Bob
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