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  1. Not much of a story but the photo is fun : http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,26013303-2862,00.html
  2. It's a while since I found a lory news item, and this really isn't much of a story, but I loved the photo as Bruce also has a thing for spoons, though not fetching them, he just clatters them about and gets all loved up. http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,27574,25801767-2862,00.html
  3. romyrose

    Snowpea plants are they toxic?

    Archie enjoys eating pea plant shoots; I buy them sometimes at a chinese grocery (they sell bunches about 10 inches long) and I eat some, he eats some.
  4. romyrose


    It's also worth putting some nasturtums in - they grow fast and the flowers, leaves & seeds are all fully edible - nice in human salads too!
  5. romyrose

    Chewing Skirtings - advice on stopping this

    Don't bother with those deterrent sprays that are mant to taste bad for parrots.....in Archie's case I'm sure he thought it was sauce as it had no deterrent value!
  6. romyrose

    pine cones

    The branches will be fine if they are pine trees - Archie is munching his way through my (un stained, un varnished) Ikea pine shelving and has also developed a taste for the pine cabinet his cage is on and the pine chairs..... Here's the other post on pine cones. I rinse them then stuff dried fruit in the cracks, which keeps Archie amused for a while while he destroys the pine cone. http://www.parrot-link.co.uk/topic/19144-pine-cones/
  7. romyrose

    Is yogurt ok for parrots

    I read somewhere that the yogification (is that a word!) of yogurt causes the lactose to change/convert which is why it's often more digestible for people (& animals) who might otherwise stay away from dairy. Mine get Dorset muesli (and that great "Breakfast Project #2" cereal from Dorset Cereals - puffed wheat and dried apple, they love it best) and plain yogurt, honey and fresh fruit mixed up together at breakfast and it's clear it's more popular than seed or lorimix! If I'm lucky, I get to lick the stirring spoon.....
  8. romyrose

    Introducing new food (budgie)

    the little low growing grass that seeds (about 3 inches high, grows in the lawn) into little ferny looking seed heads is usually loved by budgies - even those who have never see fresh food before. Give them the whole plant with roots and soil. Try other grasses too, and at one point I grew some of the budgie seed (well, it grew itself where I was blowing the husk off) and they chewed that fresh. I had 4 budgies for a while and they'd occasionally peck at a half orange (for the juice, I expect) but otherwise stuck to seed mix and the fresh grass and dandelion leaves. In the wild they live in dry outback Australia and wouldn't get the fruit & food variety that the rainforest parrots like lorikeets need.
  9. romyrose

    brussel sprout stalks

    yes, they're fine, Archie has been climbing sprout trees for some years and ritually destructing them with a bit of eating in between. 100% wholesome and the sprout seller at my farmers' market laughed herself stupid when I described how much he enjoys them![/img]
  10. Personally I'd drive - London drivers are much more courteous than those in Glasgow and the traffic light changes much faster! Highgate to Hammersmith by car is pretty easy, all main roads - allow 30 minutes, 45 in rush hour. The route below stays out of congestion charge: Drive south through Camden [where I live!] (a straight line more or less from Highgate) and turn right onto Euston Rd, this becomes Marylebone Rd and then it's the A40 (Westway) elevated, no turns required. Take the exit off the elevated road for Hammersmith/Westfield and then head to Shepherds Bush, keeping towards the left lane to turn left to Hammersmith. Look at it on a map and you'll see it's straightforward. London is well signposted too, unlike Scotland (I lived in Scotland last year so I do know!). I can suggest these bus routes - I never use the tube as it's smelly and depressing! The 390 goes from Archway (just down the hill from Highgate) to Notting Hill Gate and the 10 continues the route to Hammersmith. A better option (depending where you are in Highgate) would be to take the 214 from Highgate Hill to Kings Cross and get on the 10 there as it commences there so you'd get seats on both buses. Oyster cards are the cheapest way to pay - buses are capped at the daily pass rate so £3.80 is all you'll pay for the date on Oyster regardless of how many buses you catch - the cash fare is £2, kids are free though check the details with TfL , they may need ID. http://www.tfl.gov.uk/tfl/gettingaround/maps/buses/pdf/kingscross-2150.pdf shows the 214/10 options However you may need to check if parrots can go on the bus - dogs and baby strollers are up to the discretion of the driver, so car may be the only option.
  11. romyrose

    Ultrasonic Squirrel control effects on parrots

    An update on the mouse one - I've had a mouse in the flat for weeks, hanging about the kitchen/living area. Last week it came into my bedroom one night - eeek - I could hear it nibbling about under the bed. 3 sleepless hours later at 2am I got up and grabbed the sonic thing from the conservatory, plugged it in and the mouse vacated promptly. Eventually I caught it with a sneaky arrangement of choc coated marzipan hanging in a bag over a glue trap. A friend is a school principal and she had a plague of mice there until she got the sonic things in. The squirrel ones won't put 100% of the invaders off, but it has meant I can plant spring bulbs and seedlings which I couldn't do before I got them. My parrots go into the garden with the sonic things going so I am sure they are as safe as the manufacturers claim.
  12. romyrose

    Hugo Lory Pictures

    Jessica, Rosemary Lowe (world lorikeet expert who lives in Mansfield near Nottingham) usually organises a lorikeet breeders' meeting in about April/May in Mansfield, it's just about 4 hours in the afternoon. I went to this 4 years ago and met Mick from Yorkshire, who sold me Bruce - I got him about a month later. It might be an idea to attend the meeting - it's great to meet other lorikeet lovers and learn more about them. A few of the breeders bring birds with them, but mostly it's a chance to make contacts with breeders and to arrange to get a bird later, and there's always a world expert giving a talk. I'm not sure how to get in touch with her (sorry, I don't have her details on hand, but someone here may have them and PM them to you) but normally someone on this forum posts a notice of the meeting (it gets advertised in the Parrot Soc magazine but I don't get that). I'm very sorry about Hugo, and am hoping you can get another lorikeet in your life soon, Romy
  13. romyrose

    Ultrasonic Squirrel control effects on parrots

    I have 2 (front & back - it's a terrace) outdoor squirrel sonic repellers which work fairly well - no good for deaf squirrels (common through inbreeding, as with mice) - but they have stopped them coming into the bck yard and digging up the pots at the front, they just dash across the fence quickly. I also have a mouse one in the conservatory where the boys live, and this is effective as they rarely get a mouse in there despite throwing food about and it having gaps to the outdoors, while next door in my living room it's a different story! These have all been in place 3 years with no ill effect to the boys.
  14. This has a large parrot aviary section, which for me was the first time I'd seen many of the varieties we have as pets in the UK. The aviary area is well set up with branches, plants etc. There's a bit of a sad "talking bird" area near the entrance - former pet parrots (& a few myna birds) in cages with not enough toys. While scratching one of the cockatoo's heads, I asked the keeper why they didn't have more stimuli, but he claimed they had toys out the back - but that's a bit silly as "out the back" is just where they sleep (& locked off in the day) - the park is open pretty much from 1 hour after sunrise to sunset. However for me the highlight was the lory aviary - a walk in & feed the birds - type affair. The aviary is huge and has walkways throughout the tree tops, and there are about 2000 lorikeets resident - all keen to sit on you while you feed them. Here's a couple of videos: http://s4.photobucket.com/albums/y115/romypix/Singapore/?action=view&current=SINlorieseating.flv http://s4.photobucket.com/albums/y115/romypix/Singapore/?action=view&current=SINloryaviary.flv
  15. I'm in Singapore for a few days. Today I visited Jurong Bird Park which has the world's biggest lory aviary, with around 2000 lorikeets. I made a couple of short videos to show you all what it's like - lory heaven! http://s4.photobucket.com/albums/y115/romypix/Singapore/?action=view&current=SINlorieseating.flv http://s4.photobucket.com/albums/y115/romypix/Singapore/?action=view&current=SINloryaviary.flv I could have spent hours there watching them clown about, but the friend I was with lost interest after he was bitten on the ear! Next stop is Sydney; last time I was there, I kept seeing Rainbow Lorikeets flying about town.