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  1. hi was given some more results today, didn't quite understand it... something to do not producing enough white cells, and may have a viral infection..still waiting for results for the dreaded pbfb which I should get sometime next week. does anyone know what it means by not producing enough white cells.
  2. hi, so far so good, xray was pretty good, but found a small enlargement of the spleen, a couple of blood tests show nothing wrong with liver or kidney, s waiting for the last result couple of blood test results im dreading it. fingers crossed now. he is good in himself, but its the yellow feathers and small enlargement of the spleen that bugging me. im praying for him
  3. hi bobo my red lored amazon will be having blood tests and xray tomorrow to check to see whats up, since he has developed yellow feathers under someone elses care. im feeling very nervous and warned me about sedating birds. has anyone else had their parrot sedated I am real scared in case he doesn't pull through.
  4. feeling nervous, bobo is going for blood tests and xray tomorrow and will be sedated. the vet warned me about sedation and im scared now. has anyone else had their parrot sedated.
  5. hi took bobo to vets today and he will be having blood tests and an xray done next Wednesday so fingers crossed. the vet said could a number of things like liver problem, a virus like the feather and beak or the thyroid .. but wont know til next week now..
  6. hi i cant believe i got him back in this state, not only is he eating his high quality mix but also purchase a bag of harrisons pellets. the first day he took them right away, plus left frsh fruit in his bowl and he loves his corn on the cob, will it be ok if he has corn on the cob everyday as it seems to be the only veg i can get him to eat plus a few peas. i just recently brought some sprouting seeds so hopefully he take to these again.
  7. hi when he was returned to me the food that came with him was just sunflower seeds i was shocked, the person who looked after him was supposed to be a bird breeder. he is now eating his high quality mixed seed and pellets which i purchase from jungle gold. he has eaten a few peas and corn on the cob, but still doesn't touch fruit especially apple which was his favourite. the person who looked after him for 22 months told my parents (who i don't live with) that his feather colours are what he eats, not sure if that is true or not, especially if he has been green in the 12 years i had him. here are recent pics of him and see what you think. regards lynn
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  9. Hi all 2 weeks today bobo was returned to me after having to re-home him for 13 months while I was going through a nasty divorce. I am now trying to settle him in his new home with me. when he was return to me he did look a diff bird. instead of being all green, with a blue crown, his feathers are now green with loads of yellow on his front and wings and his blue crown has disappeared and also looking abit scruffy. during the last 2 weeks I trying to return him back to his high quality parrot mix which took nearly 2 weeks to start eating again. he refuses to eat most veg except for peas and wont eat any fruit. ive also brought some palm oil to put on toast which he wont touch. ive also added ad pro d3 and multi vit to his water, but refuse to drink it as it turned the water to a diff colour. he still as noisy as ever but not eating like he used to. please can anyone suggest anything. the pic below is what he used to look like.
  10. Hi all im new to this website....ive had bobo my red lored amazon now for 12 years and never given him grit. please could someone advise me if he actually needs bird grit, it would be very much appriciated. lynn
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