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  1. That's great news. I'll my wife and daughter know. Thanks.
  2. Keeping everything crossed that all goes well.
  3. Thanks to all but we have found someone now. waiting for news on hatching.
  4. Hi all. Looking for recommendation of where to get a Caique for my daughter. She grew up with a cockatiel and they were always together, but he sadly passed away and this left her feeling down and depressed. My wife decided to get her a Black headed Caique from a pet shop. This turned out to be ill and died after ten days of respiratory infection. I am looking for a reputable person to get a replacement. I can’t risk her being upset again with another pet passing away so want to make as sure as I can that we buy from a reputable source. We live in Berkshire but are willing to travel to ensure we get the right bird. Any advice on what to look for and what checks I can make would be appreciated. Thanks Mottsy
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