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  1. Sounds like they are lucky to have you!
  2. Disappointing that someone made up the story! I thought it was interesting....
  3. I've always loved to write and think of stories. The parrot one has been fun since I've been able to combine fiction and parrots!!
  4. The Parrot Told Me is on Amazon if anyone wants to read a summary!!
  5. I did! When I adopted Isaac and heard him talking, it gave me a really good idea for the plot. Imagine if your bird had overheard a murder!! Ha! And I've written other books. But this one has been one of my favorite, and so well received by the parrot people community that I have already started my second one featuring a U2!
  6. Thanks!! Enjoying talking to parrot people!
  7. My novel, The Parrot Told Me is about a CAG that is the witness to the crime. It's in some libraries and on Amazon!
  8. I loved this book! I listened to it read as an audiobook. Great story!
  9. I thought it was really cool when I saw the story about the CAG identifying his owner's murderer in the news. My own book had a similar idea....life imitating fiction!!
  10. Hi, I have had Isaac, or rather, Isaac has had our family for about 2 years. He was 3 when we adopted him. He is a very clever, very cool bird. He's talkative and tends to like my kids the best in the family!!
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