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  1. I think Skuttles has crawled back under her stone - 'cos she didn't reply after I posted.
  2. That's better - humour !!! Good to see the happy banter back on the forum!
  3. Lea - only YOU could have got Molly away from June - we kept begging with you to go to a solicitor and get legal, official help. For a reason known only to yourself, you did not go until far too late. Caron, Alison, the Pope himself could not have walked away from June's with Molly - and could not have gained official power to do anything to get Molly away from June's - ONLY YOU COULD HAVE, - AND SHOULD HAVE. It is totally wrong of you to publically abuse the people who tried so very hard to do the job that you, Molly's owner, should have done but didn't. I have enormous respect and regard for both Alison and Caron - 2 totally genuine parrot lovers and I find your outburst very offensive. Please keep any further outburst to PM and not on our, otherwise, calm and friendly forum.
  4. Re; the last post from "SKUTTLE" I am Kathy, - and yes, I did email that to June -in fact I sent her 2 emails - when the very first allegations were being made. I have been a member on this forum for nearly 12 years, and, like so many others, did not want to believe the things being said about June. June answered my emails, but we have had no contact since. I hate the implication that SKITTLE has made - leaving people to think that I still support and defend June. I want to make it very clear that I absolutely abhor the accounts of cruelty, neglect and ill treatment that has been credited to June Edwards, I now want SKUTTLE to have some balls and make a public apology to me for the totally wrong impression that he/she made in the above posting.
  5. 2 problems here, Caron - we wont get answers to any questions unless Debs from Greyroost and June herself, open up and come on here and truthfully answer all the questions themselves. I think the appropriate saying is ; Hell will freeze over before that happens. Until then, we can only guess.
  6. I couldn't agree with you more, Caron. Even unannounced visits should be welcomed if there is nothing to hide. I'm sure, if the vet knows why this has come about, would only charge a very nominal fee? The only doubt they may have is insurance - an employee visiting an outsider's house? Health and Safety always finds a way of screwing things up!
  7. Sounds ideal, Alison - the good and trusty ones will be happy to make themselves known and be happy to make known the vet's approval of their standards . Most would welcome professional tips and advice. The concern will still remain about the ones that are not willing to make themselves known to local vets- and the ones that would definitely not allow scrutiny or risk criticism - (and I think we all know of more than one of those - past and present.) I think it's a really good idea - and all that would be needed would be to make it known what people should be looking for when seeking a rescue or sanctuary - and that's where a log of vet nurse inspections would be a deciding factor for many people. Well done you for your idea!
  8. Wow Roz !! That is brave! You might have to go into overdrive - just to edit the language.
  9. Ian, they are giving help and hope - and, at the moment, they are the 2 things we and the birds desperately want and need. I'm off to bed - not slept much since this all blew up.
  10. Hi Ian - can you please answer my earlier post? I've waited up hoping to get an answer.
  11. National Parrot Zoo -23rd May, Steve Nichols wrote on the blog .... "had a call from a major animal welfare group (not allowed to mention any names just yet )asking if we would take in over 20 mixed parrots from the North East, so we say yes then there's going to be a lot." Could they be .....?
  12. Thank you, Silvershadow. Quite honestly I don't give a hoot about websites etc - the mere fact that you have given me hope that you can expose what has happened, and stop any more birds being needlessly put to sleep is enough for me! I thank you again for all your efforts to try and help the birds Kathy x And for Ian - I am very happy with my original post to Silversdhadow and even happier with this one.
  13. Sorry, Ian, I'm not with you - who's website? and which post should I not have done? Explain yourself, please
  14. A huge, huge thank you from me - being made public to reach as many people as possible is wonderful. This isn't the first time that the RSPCA has wrongly and needlessly put animals to sleep. Some of these birds didn't even belong to June Edwards -so that, to me, makes matters even worse. Please do everything you can to get as many birds as possible back with their rightful owners - and stop the RSPCA from taking the lives from any more birds.
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