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  1. surely forcing that much food in the birds mouth in 1 go would make it gag an bring it back up
  2. we change ours at least twice a day every day same as there water
  3. eweeeeeeeeeeee how can any1 eat beans there totally gross.... they even smell horrid there as bad as peas
  4. gem u that bored hun lol lol why not go to w2w an play games look that way u can keep yrself busy lol
  6. theres also the words queen surely it shuld be spelt qween tear(as in crying) and tear as in rip.. maths should be maffs chocolate shouldnt that be spelt chokolut parrot should be parrut and the most obvious one is birds now that should be spelt burds.. the list is endless but it does make u think occasionally ....
  7. no worries louise so for all that has world2writes old address u NEED TO CHANGE IT NOW LOL so u can come on there lol lo l
  8. lmfao i still cant believe this thread is still goin on about the double u lol omg i actually doin it now JEM WHAT ARE U DOIN TO US pmsl BUT TIS TRUE THO THE english language is weird look at the words knives ...why do u need the silent k and vegetables why aint is it spelt with a g and not j as we dont pronounce it vej-etables. im terrible i think of things like that so u not the only 1 jem lol
  9. i also had that problem earlier so went on to w2w an no 1 was there louise u did type the correct address in for world2write as it has changed it is http://world2write.co.uk/ now
  10. i use a shop bought one from paradise pets tis the only food lucy will eat ......
  11. jem me thinks u av to much time on yer hands love ....when u start this job lol lol
  12. maybe its a case he feels safer with your partner (my grey still doesnt like me she's more for my fella)..... give him time to settle as he has been moved from pillar to post maybe he has just got a thing if he gets settled he'll be moved on ..... frustrating as it is i know but at least he has some1 he feels comfy an enjoys being around good luck an hope he warms to u soon
  13. jem i wouldnt worry too much ..maybe that question did put a ? mark over whether u get the job or not ..at the end of the day what u have to think about is 1... u actually made it to the interview so give yrself a big pat on the back 2..u answered honestly, u never no it may of been a trick question to see if u were honest 3... u proved to yourself that u can get through an interview an that you made a huge step in helping yourself over come ypur illness finngers crossed for ya hun an bigg ((hugsss))) i couldnt imagine how u must of been feeling but well done anyways
  14. you 4got to add do u dunk it in yr coffee then eat it
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