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  1. I was really lucky with the cage i have for gigi. I bought it off ebay for £75 inc p&p. The people i got it from bought it new for their bird and he wouldnt go in it. If you go to my photobucket and go to page 2 and click on i like my new rope, or gigs house, you'll see what a bargain i got. Also Buddy's cage on page 3 was only £30 of spmeone i know.
  2. I know what you mean. Birds are so rewarding.
  3. Hi Kleopatra. Your obviously the best one to comment on the cage as you have purchased one. They just looked good for the money. Obviously looks can be deceiving.
  4. http://shrunklink.com/?sau These arent bad cages. The seller has a 99.8 feedback rating and has only got 2 negatives. Not bad cages for the price Always happy to shrink long links (MadMudMob)
  5. I didnt get my birds because i thought they were cute. I got my birds because i knew i had the time and love to give them. I rarely leave the house due to illness. I only intended to have 1 bird. Gigi my grey. But i now have 4 birds that weren't planned. Buddy my senegal was found and given to me. Frankie my red fronted macaw was found when Ollie my male senegal escaped. I put an advert in my local paper to which i received a phone call to say there was a bird in someones garden. On going to the ladies house i found it not to be ollie. But i took the bird home and put it in a cage in the offshot. I informed the mail that it wasnt my bird and anyone who had lost a bird to contact me. 2 years later, and i've still got frankie. He is a troubled bird, but i wouldnt dream of getting rid of him. Ozzie my rozella, the same thing happened a few weeks later. Someone had found her in their conservatory and remembered me losing ollie. so she contacted our local paper who gave them my phone number. I knew it wasnt ollie when she described it, but offered her a cage till its owner turned up. She didnt like birds and was going to let it out, so i went and collected it. Informed our paper and said that if anyone contacted them to say they'd lost a bird for them to contact me. Ive still got ozzie. She's fine and has settled in here great. A bit noisy but she's part of the family now. Balla, my cockertiel. One of his elderly owners had to go into hospital for open heart surgery and was told they couldnt have the bird in the house incase of infection. My friend who's the couples carer give them my phone number and i was asked if i would look after it till the man recovered. I'd had him for 8 months when the owners said they would have him back. When they took him home he wouldnt settle, so they asked if i would keep him. They often come down to visit him. Balla is my other noise machine. As you can imagine it gets a bit chaotic in here at times, but i wouldnt dream of parting with any of them. This is there home.
  6. The way i look at it is, that if someones buys a bird and for whatever reason they decide they cant give it the attention, love, care etc. It's far better that it goes to a rescue centre as be kept cruelly or even worse. It's my opinion (which some will disagree with) i would rather a bird be rehomed however many times it takes, rather than it be mistreat or worse. At the end of the day if a bird is placed with someone that can give it the care and time it needs, it will settle. My orange winged amazon is a perfect example of this. He was an aviary bird, which i bought as part of a pair to breed. When his partner died, i didnt know wether to get him a new partner or leave him on his own. Circumstances lead to him being brought into the house and put in a cage and he's settled so well. He's gone from being an aviary bird, to a very happy pet. proving to me that any bird with the right care will settle.
  7. Hi angelbaby. When things turn out good, you know your doing something right, and at the end of the day like i said earlier, if your birds happy so are you.
  8. Thanks for that madmudmob. i'll give it a try
  9. Thanks jane doe. I think he's done so well in such a short time. Things can only get better.
  10. Thanks for your support. I was a bit concerned that some might think it was cruel to bring Duncan inside. He's amazed me. I thought he'd go beserk being put in a cage. He was a bit bemused at first because it was all new to him, but within a couple of hours he was settle on a perch as if he'd always been in a cage. I cant believe the way he settled so quickly.
  11. Well as most of you know i got myself a breeding pair of orange winged amazons (duncan and betty) 3 years ago. In june last year Betty passed away. A breeder i know up this way said it was of old age. I was inconsoleable, but felt a bit easier knowing that i'd made her time with me very happy. Duncan was then left in the aviary on his own, and our thoughts were do we try and get another partner for him or leave him on his own. But that decision was taken out of our control when someone tried to break in, i erected my spare cage which is quite large, had him checked out and put him in the house till we could get the aviary alarmed and more secure. a week later, we tried to move him back into the aviary with no joy. He was very unhappy out there. So we took him back in the house where he is quite content. So much so that when we let him out it's hard to believe he was ever an aviary bird. He plays with the laces in our shoes (while we're wearing them), mimics the other birds noises, sits on the arm of the chair next to me and lets me stroke him. The only thing he wont do is sit on my hand. He's even great with my granddaughter, when she's playing with her toys he screams till we let him out the cage and nicks one of her toys, takes it back to her then nicks another. While in the aviary, Duncan would take fruit and nuts from my hand and take them to betty to feed her, so he was quite used to us. Some might not agree that we took him into the house, but i'm sure if they seen the way he is, they'd find it hard to believe he was once an aviary bird. If he's happy then so am i.
  12. I'm also in Hartlepool. I cant drive, but my mam is always available to give me a lift.
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