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  1. I use the one with the three arms that twists into the lock bit, they are really good, i was sick of eddie throwing both bowls out and wasting food, i got them from stafford 2 for a tenna so i got a bargin
  2. im from the Newcastle area,just wondering if anyone is going to newark from my area as i would share juice with them.
  3. I live in a detached bungalow, so noise not really a prob for me.
  4. well both of mine say the confused advert...one says confused the other says.....dot com so funny
  5. I have had these for my 2 i got them from pah,they did'nt last 5 mins all they done was to undo the top knot and the rope came away from the wire. Wonder if they still sell them. :?:
  6. Hiya Monica, i dont post on here very often, but just like to say iv'e been reading this thread hoping you get your baby back, it must be so hard for you, i cant imagine how you feel, all i know is i would be the same. Got everything xxxxxxx for you.
  7. OOOO forgot to say i dont think i live 80 miles away.
  8. Hello littledanii, just saw your email, i live in wallsend if its any help.
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