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    holiday home west yorkshire

    Hi Liam I offer a new parrot boarding service , I am based in North east Lincolnshire, so not sure how far you are away, but distance is not a problem. Any bird will be given time out of their cage and played with at least twice a day (approx 3 hrs in total ). My website is www.pawsandbeaks.co.uk. I have a van so could travel to collect. I am offering a home from home environment. Any bird that stops will be kept in my house in a room with TV, heating and lighting. I am fully insured, CRB checked and licensed by the council. I have a friend who has a parrot business www.scarlettsparrotessentials.co.uk, she can give you a character reference if needed. I am owned by an African Grey Parrot called Olli. She is 5 3/4yrs old and i love her too bits. So I am used to handling parrots. I have lots of interactive toys . I use only F10 veterinary grade disinfectant to clean cages and toys etc. All I ask is that the parrot is checked for PBFD by a vet and given the all clear. This is to protect both my own parrot and any that are staying. If i am not suitable then i hope that you find a holiday home for him. Kind regards Lisa sinden
  2. Hello I have just started a pet sitting business specialising in parrots and birds (caged only for boarding). I am the proud owner of a 5 1/2 yr old African grey called Ollie, who is my world and I love her too bits!! as we all love our birds! she is my family and as such want the best care for her. Now i know how difficult it is to find parrot holiday homes who will look after your bird as you would do, or as near as is possible. I want to offer this service. So that is why i have started the business, I love parrots and birds and like spending time with them, they are fascinating, intelligent and majestic animals. I also provide other pet services. My website is www.pawsandbeaks.co.uk . I use only F10 disinfectant to clean cages, toys and bowls and hands! Birds will be given time out of their cage at least twice a day. Kept in my own house in a room with T.V, radio ,heating and natural light. Cages can be provided but prefer them to have their owns cages makes them less stressed. We provide fruit and veg and filtered water, but we do request that the birds regular food i.e pellets or seed etc are provided by owners. Their are so many owners that use different types it would be impossible to keep all of them, once again it ensures a constant for your bird. They will be played with on a individual basis with interactive toys and plenty of tickles, they will gain a new friend on the way!! Can provide a collection service for cages if necessary, cost dependant on distance, no distance too great!! We ask for a negative PBFD certificate from your vet or a clean bill of health cert. We operate a strict - no cert no boarding policy. Prices start from £5.00 per day for budgies/small birds to £8.50 for Macaws/Cockatoo's. charged per individual cage.discounts available for week stays 10% off first bookings. t&c apply. I look forward to speaking to anyone who wishes to ask about my services, and provide a free consultation (within 15 miles of Immingham, small cost for areas >15 miles). We also offer a pop in service but would not recommend this for holidays of more than 2 days (for cages birds) Kind regards Lisa Sinden and Ollie the parrot aka "monkey chops"
  3. lisa sinden1

    Parrot Boarding wanted

    Hi my name is Lisa and I have just started a pet sitting business specialising in parrots. I am also in North East Lincolnshire. I am the proud owner of an African grey Parrot - 5 1/2 yrs old. I am offering parrot boading. My website is www.pawsandbeaks.co.uk. I would look after your babies as I would my own. They will stop in my house, non of this shed down bottom of garden accomodation. They would get time out of their cage every day, and be played with. Fed with fruit and veg, filtered water twice a day. Although I do request that the owner provides the daily regular food whether pellets or seed. It is much easier for the birds to settle with food they are used to.... I know how picky mine is!!! I can offer a collection service for any cages, as I do prefer for them to have their own cages, but can supply cages if necessary. I use only F10 disinfectant to clean cages etc. I am CRB checked, council licensed, and fully insured. I do request that each bird has a health cert from Vet and is clear of PBFD, no cert no boarding. If you wish to talk or have a chat about my services then please call 01469 408022. Very kind regards Lisa and Ollie the parrot x