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  1. managed to register but the website they give doesnt exist, more arrrrgghhh!
  2. thanks stormbird, but i just get a "you are not allowed to view this forum" notice, any chance of a copy and paste? pleeeeease!!
  3. ta Madmudmob!! My ducorps is causing me no end of problems, but cant even think of being without him. Vet suggested putting him to sleep 8 years ago, then another vet suggested having his leg amputated, but the gout would just settle somewhere else, arrrrggghhh, i would rather throw my hubby out than rehome my poorly bird, but this dust is excessive now and i dont want to isolate him in a room on his own, he loves company, i hope that someone has some advice on an air purifier for me cos i am suffering, i can take antihistamines but my poor other birds are just itching cos of this dust. Fingers crossed for an answer or im gonna have oven ready birds soon!!
  4. hi all, I had to start a new account under ilovemacaws1 as i used to be called ilovemacaws but changed my email address and forgot my parrot link password!. My problem is this, I have a ducorps (foofoo) who has gout and is producing a HELL of a lot of dust, this seems to be irritating the greys, macaws and the dog, as well as me!! I have laminate on the floor and damp dust daily, but cant seem to stay on top of the dust he creates, its like a bag of flour has been opened in the room every day, bit dramatic i know but thats what it feels like! I bought a HF380 (http://www.heavenfresh.co.uk/index.php/naturopure-air-purifiers/hf380) and i dont know if i had a duff unit or not, but it seemed to make the problem worse. I itched worse from the dust and the allergen light never came on, only the odour light when i opened the door momentarily from when i had been smoking in another room. The other birds seemed to be affected by it too, itching and pulling feathers. I have read that you shouldnt use an ioniser around birds and was wondering if that is the problem with this unit and if anyone has any advice as to a good air purifier. I currently have an airfree p60 in front of the cage but that seems ineffective too. Help please? sindy
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