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  1. hi not been on here for a while as ive been ill, i dont work anymore i spend my days with charlie my 8yr old grey my 3 budgies, a rescue bull mastiff and a pug charlie has always been a nervios bird you cant walk through the room with a box or infact anything he hasnt seen before he goes mental in his cage, he even says as were sneaking stuff in {it all right charlie its all right} he started plucking a couple of years ago now for what reason i dont know,his feathers on his chest grow back red so he pulls them out ive had him to vets and had bllod tests done they all came back normal whilst he was sedated she pulled his wing outwards and he has symetrical red feathers under and above his wing, hes just started to pluck really bad again hes moving down his legs, i have a rescue pug but ive had him over a year so its not the dog he has plenty of toys i make him toys but he freaks out i shredded some material and tie it round his toy he loves it, if i get him anything new i cant put it near the cage he has a swing from the ceiling. he has harrisons food he eats tea with us he wont touch peppers fruit only the core of a apple to pull pips out, im out of ideas he talks fantastic he knows his phone no his address hes very clever and seems happy but this plucking is upsetting me i feel like its my fault the only thing thats changed is i stopped smoking 4 mth ago i know you shouldnt where you birds are but i did smoke in room not a lot as i have grandchildren now can anyone help any advice i will try as ive always used parrot link for advice.
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