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    RIP Wee Jock

    To my darling baby Jock you have made memories which will be with me for my lifetime the tears when you escaped....the overwhelming happiness when you were found...the laughter at the sentences you managed to string together....the sadness at your suffering I tried my hardest to save you bit it wasn't to be I will love you forever my baby boy.....fly free
  2. PamelaCampbell22

    Re: aspergillosis

    Sadly Jock lost his fight today RIP my baby jock x
  3. PamelaCampbell22

    Re: aspergillosis

    Just back from seeing Jock not good at all there seems to be something else going on not just this to be honest he looks demented that is the only way I can describe it constantly scratching, biting his feet, biting his feathers, making noises I have never heard in my life before bobbing his head from side to side, the skin around one of his eyes was getting more discoloured the 1.5hours I was with him. He was being nebulised at home with F10 twice per day as well as all the meds but as I say it is clear there is something else going on now. Unfortunately vet wasn't there as I had asked to see Jock before tomorrow so won't get to speak to him till first thing
  4. Hi all Sorry haven't posted for a while I'm an old member mum to Jock and Cassie. Well my baby Jock has been diagnosed with the above he has been fighting this for 7 weeks now barely spending more than 7 days at home before being took back into vets. I'm at a loss as to how or why this has happened to him sadly it looks as if we have came to the end of the road he has been getting vfend as well as an anti-inflammatory and antibiotic as well as nebulising and we don't seem to be able to get a grip on this. He has been in vets from Sunday now on oxygen we were hoping to do an X-ray and scope again today but he simply isn't strong enough. He seems to recover to the point he can go home and then he just doesn't seem to be able to cope. Both will probably go ahead on Friday at this stage we have nothing to lose we need to know if anything else is going on, can we do something different or if things haven't changed got worse I was just reaching out really to get some thoughts/experience of this horrible disease ?
  5. Hi I have 2 african greys and I looking for someone to help out for xmas/new year as we are going to go away I am more than happy to pay/return the favour
  6. PamelaCampbell22

    Parroty holiday homes

    Hi all I am happy to help out live in North Lanarkshire (West Scotland, Central Scotland, Glasgow) I have two african greys of my own do not have spare cages therefore would need to have cages with them, would share a room with my 2 african greys, stay about 20 mins from Lawrie Vets in Cumbernauld not a professional service would like the favour returned, can be contacted via pm. Pamela
  7. PamelaCampbell22

    Wanted: Holiday home central Scotland

    Thanks I'm mum to Jock and Cassie African Greys who rule my world literally lol
  8. PamelaCampbell22

    Wanted: Holiday home central Scotland

    I'm not a newbie I couldn't get access with my old password etc so had to get a new pne haven't been on for a while
  9. PamelaCampbell22

    Wanted: Holiday home central Scotland

    Hi Hope I'm not too late I'd be happy to help with Paddy I'm in Wishaw North Lanarkshire if you want to drop me a pm I have to African greys ofy own
  10. PamelaCampbell22

    WANTED holiday boarding -- glasgow area of scotland

    Just seen this, did you get sorted ok?
  11. PamelaCampbell22

    off to vets again

    Definately brighter and picking up, you just wonder how they catch these things
  12. PamelaCampbell22

    off to vets again

    No its through a syringe, tried the orange juice tatic to no avail, have put the meds in several grapes and just hope he is getting some, seems a lot brighter this morning so hopefully on the mend
  13. PamelaCampbell22

    off to vets again

    His white cell blood count was a lot higher than normal which would indicate an infection all other organs were normal I have meds to give him for 10 days which has posed another problem as now he won't come out his cage because he is scared of me toweling him and giving him the meds have managed to get 5 shots into him and several cut fingers!!! Instead of stressing him out anymore which I am clearly doing I have put some in his grapes today and just hope that he gets it. Have to go back in 10 days time not sure what has caused it. Thanks for all your support will keep you posted
  14. PamelaCampbell22

    off to vets again

    Got an appointment this afternoon with Jock again!, he is eating, drinking fine however not been his usual talktive self since Wednesday morning, last night he was a bit talktive and flew about a couple of times but just not his normal I am working from home today and have been watching him he is going about his and Cassies cage but I think its slower than normal, in fact he is in her cage eating her food just now! he has flew a couple of tiimes but nothing vocal which isn't like him will keep you posted
  15. PamelaCampbell22

    Advice Needed - Jimmie

    Claire, I am so so sorry I have just seen your thread tears are blinding me hugs your way you did the right thing there was nothing else you could do Mr Lawrie is my vet as well and I know he would have tried everything RIP Jimmie xxx