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  1. In reply to gemstone yes I did defend someonei thought to have masses of knowledge and the birds best interest at heart! If that's a crime then I'm guilty for that? A hard lesson learnt
  2. Hi all, I'm Steve jones who was for a very short period a trustee for Parrotcare. I wanted to put a statement up as my first and final comment on this with regards to ME. I met June online over a misunderstanding with regards to Birdline, we began to chat occasionally and then myself and a friend went down to Carway to meet June and this birds in 2011 I had heard many thing about June over the years so wanted to see for myself what the situation was. We arrived and all was well the birds were well the cages were clean the house was clean, I couldn't understand all the talk of the conditions, that day we also went round for tea and cake at Lynne and Marion's and met there birds. So as time went on I still spoke to June and had lots of advise off her with regards to my birds and to friends birds which was a massive help. I became a supporting member of parrotcare in 2012 as I was going to foster a too from June ( which I didn't in the end) I decided to go down again with a different friend ( both these friend are birdie people also) in summer 2012 where again the birds were all ok cages clean and house clean! This time the birds numbers had reduced from nearly 60 the first time to about 25 on the last visit they had all been re homed. Over All this time it seemed that parrotcare was desperate for more supporters and funds so I started to promote parrotcare through friends and people I had met, I set up a standing order also monthly. Then late 2012 we were talking about me becoming a trustee to help with the financial side of things through grants and fundraising so I became a trustee in February and began working on grants and members! This was the start of the end for me as I could not get access to the accounts I asked for a new account to be opened with Internet banking so I could be published monthly on the forum, the new account was opened but i had no access to this and i believe only myself and another lady who supported monthly money was in there I became worried and concerned that maybe I could not help parrotcare if I was not trusted enough to do so and i wanted to make it transparent so i had a conversation with June and said it was not the way I worked and I think I should go back to be being just a member. I stepped down at the start of April as being a trustee. There are a lot of things that came to light since all this has happened if I had of seen anything untoward I would have been the first to step in where ever the birds were involved I've worked with charities and parrots for over 10 years now and I would never ever see any bird or any animal for that fact suffer. I don't have anything to hide, any one is welcome to my home anytime, I'm not much of a people person but if anyone no matter if I like you or not if a birds in need I'd be there! I have not been on here or anywhere commenting because ei really don't have any information over this I met June twice and had no access to anything to do with parrotcare. My main concern is the birds not posting on forums and online that's just not what I do! I am behind the scenes trying to work with many people, organisations and charities to find out as much information as possible about these poor birds. I only registered here to post this if anyone wants to pm me then I will keep the account open for a week or so but I really don't have anymore information that what's already online Thanks Steve